Sunday, June 11, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

I'd been craving camping for far too long an finally, we set out to Sand Hollow before it got SO. HOT. down here. It was the perfect, safe distance from home that I felt comfortable jetting out in our mechanical-problem prone motorhome. The kids and I were even able to scope out the spot we wanted earlier that week and here she is..! 
We took the stroller over to play in the lake before dinner. The big kids played with daddy on the rocks while mom and the little kids stayed back on an almost submerged picnic table doing a bit of yoga :) 
We walked back and Josh roasted out hot dogs and marshmallows while we stayed inside cause it was like 15mph winds! 
We played some spot it and got ready for bed :) 

The next morning we found our own little lagoon at sand hollow and enjoyed the lake some more! 

Whitehead girls joined us out there.
We cooked carnitas in our solar cooker and enjoyed our own private playground/mini-lake!
Monday we took Jay and Keriana out to Quail.
So fun to have cousins binding before they MOVE!

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