Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017

Baby Hallie

Kindergarten graduation program. She was SO cute and excited!
Fun walk with neighbor friends!
It's quite the party these days as our families grow!  

We have LOVED gardening this year! We had tons of peas, and now as I write this, TONS of zucchini, yummy carrots and onions. We've had a few tomatoes, melons and peppers are coming on now, and we picked the first eggplants today (july16).

Random pic, but for some reason I want to put it in! I have been trying so hard to get ivy to grow over in our unlandscaped spot around the trampoline, and thought this was going to be the key! Garbage sacks were supposed to give the starts shade, but no- they still haven't taken off at all. Pretty sure they are all dead! Our dream is so have several different green ground covering to fill this spot. It's probably going to take us 5 more years to figure out just what will be able to fill in there with the hot hot sun!

First zucchini!
She lost her 2 front teeth!

Loved these flowers from apartment 206!

Jack's baptism! I loved how Kathryn set everything up! It was a great lunch and really neat to watch him be baptized!

"I am Moana!"

Lila trying on the latest Amazon purchase :)

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

General Conference Sunday:

Nutella face Kate!

Trying to start a puzzle tradition... failed on #2 of 2 puzzles so far. This 300 peicer was too similar to figure it out! 

Lila smashed her face when she fell off the horse and would NOT stop crying- the thing to finally do the trick? Getting back on and riding again!
We love going to the great race carnival!
Kate and I had a fun date to a yard sale and she was the cutest shopping companion!

ISHCREAM with grampa before the baby came!

Skipping ahead for after we'd come home with Hallie from the hospital...

Girls waiting for Loni to come pick em up to go the the park!
Lots of walks to placate sweet Hallie
"I'm gonna wide... I'm widin' fee!"... Actually- this is "I will get back up agian!" from Trolls... At first I thought this was her singing the theme song to her fave show: Spirit. But I remember this Sat afternoon now... First time I saw Trolls and Lila gave us a performance so we were doubly entertained!