Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 2017

piggie tails!

our fave fruit dip, ready to go to the park.

fun time at the children's museum by ourselves. 

we started making a pinata!

We transitioned Lila to her big girl bed.She LOVES it, and she LOVES that white blanket and she REALLY loves that birdy nightgown.

Abby really enjoyed her soccer camp over Spring Break.

Kate works hard to get to the top of this ball- every time we go. 

fun time with josh one morning!

Babysitting toby... perfect situation for us!!! We loved having him, but we only lost him twice... 

I had to set an alarm for who got to hold the leash. Every 3 minutes I had them switch. The ENTIRE time Lila was't holding Toby she cried. 

This is a pic of my mid-tax-season/happy-birthday-to-me treat. I bought a little spa experience at Red Mountain Spa- I got to eat lunch by myself and had a massage, then laid by the pool with a book! Amazing! 

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