Monday, March 6, 2017

Baby Bump Number 4

My good friend Ashley decided to take up photography recently and I am so glad she did! I wouldn't've thought to have some maternity photos taken, but I love all of these shots! So blessed by our friendship in so many ways. Photo cred:

Love this sweet capture of Abby. 

One of my faves right here!

I spy 5 girls! 

We'e all excited for Hallie to come! 

I've been feeling pretty good... Heartburn is totally rough some nights, and I am more tired than I remember with my other 3rd trimesters? I have been getting lots of braxton hicks and a few little scares where I thought something might be happening. but we're thinking it would be really nice if she could wait until April 17- then tax season will be over (her dad could be around for her bday every year) and I don't want to miss Easter n the 16th! I'm due the 13th, but we'll see what happens!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017

I got to help in Abby's class. We love Mrs. Barrett and feel so lucky she's in such a great place to learn. 
Abby's Valentine treat
It was so fun to get a glimpse of her at recess. She was out there running, full speed out with the boys in her class. Not a girl out there with them, skirt, bow and all- playing with the boys. 
She seemed as happy as could be out there! 

Singing time Valentine's party. Abby was out of school that day, so she got to come!
Abby caught a fish at Sullivan pond with our friends, the Gibbs. one Friday afternoon. 

I LOVED decorating cookies with this girl!!!

Here's a glimpse of the cookies we decorated, plus a little it of the baby bump!!! I had too much fun decorating with some of our neighbors at a little party we did on V-day!

We played at Fiesta Fun when Chase came down to visit. It was a cold, rainy weekend! While the big girls played Lazer tag, Lila was happy as could be on this little "playground" there!
She loves her piggy-tails for about 5 minutes, and then pulls them out...
I had the opportunity to go explore at the parade of Homes this year, on an assignment for our mommyconvos blog, and I enjoyed it quite a bit! I talk about all my reasons in these 2 blogposts, but one I didn't mention was that I really liked learning for about my camera and photography as I went around trying to get a good shot of all my favorite spaces. 



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