Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

Hallie is an easy baby! Still nursing well, likes to play with her sisters.
 Endless shrimp for josh's bday this year! I kinda had to trick him

 Loved this idea of my mom's to cross off grandma and grandpa Debenham's honey - do list. I loved working along side my cousins and family in the fresh air! Perfect start to Thanksgiving Day!

The neighborhood gang! We will miss Avonlea and the Beaches!
Pretty excited to figure out this standing thing!

 We decided to throw away the plans for doing errands and just PLAYED at the park instead. So thankful for this memory!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

September 2017

Kate's super hero day at preschool. My mom made a little trip down and so we took some pics. 

Kate sharing her Dairy Queen on our special time date at Lin's
Lila INSISTED on sleeping in the blanket basket. Josh was in Boston and she was feeling quite sick, so what do ya do? You let her sleep in the basket!

She is getting so happy! Hallie at 5 months!
The girls earned a slip n slide party for remembering to flush after using the potty! ;)

Ky Ky and Lila are best buds. They play so well together every Tuesday and Thursday! Here we are picking up pine cones for some future Christmas decorations. 

Loni and I made LOTS of stuff from the prickly pear cactus we harvested on the road up to Kolob. We made "honey jelly", syrup, a yummy minty drink, and my fave was this SORBET!!! 

Still figuring out how to eat solids...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hallie 6 Month Pictures and Halloween!

Singing Time:

Making the Witches Brew:

Pumpkin carving:

Since we have 4 kids under 7, I thought we'd stick to carving just one pumpkin and painting some pumpkin paper plates to keep everyone busy. It was easy and fun! We lit the pumpkin and did a little "pumpkin walk" (I tried to recreate the tradition we used to do with my dad: walk down the street and ask if each of the neighbors have any pumpkins out, one by one... then end back at our house and scream "Yes!" when we ask if WE have any pumpkins out ;))  Lol, I liked how it worked out- pretty simple- not too messy, everyone had fun- until at the very end, after our walk- I left the paint out and we got paint on our clothes!!!

Here was my practicing for Hallie's 6 month pics... :) I had a sweet messy-face helper!

Halloween Block Party!!!
costume parade
3 little PJ Masks girls. ( a new fave show). Here is Gecko!

...and a little strawberry!
Halloween was a fun night this year: I learned NOT to rush back to trick or treat our street- it's just too dark and lonely. We went around with the Beaches and had a blast!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Veyo/Enterprise Saturday!

This is a fun tradition I hope to continue- labor day weekend! We scoped out a great place to camp with friends for an upcoming trip (settled on Baker since lower sand cove doesn't allow camping anymore!), picked raspberries (I could cut my time down next time... ;) I wanted to keep picking, but I think I'll relax a little bit and just enjoy ;) ) We stopped and saw one of Josh's clients' horses- we wont be going in to pet them next time! too dangerous!!! And had a finale at the Veyo pool! Such a wonderful day!