Friday, October 28, 2016

Our First Soccer Season

We officially embarked on the season of life called Soccer Season :) I loved watching her, and I think we found a good fit for a fun activity for her!!! Here's a peek at some of the fun moments from this season:

She has been really excited about her teeth being loose and wants to show anyone and everyone how they can wiggle!
We took the four-wheeler out after one of her games with Chase and Bree.
Warner Valley Sand Dunes

Endless Shrimp. Can't miss it!

Lila might have pinched off his tail..!

Dr Kate!

Happy Lila!

Brave girl at the new "all-abilities" park!

I got this little dog for Lila, knowing that she kinda needed a special toy right now, more than she'll need something for her birthday (right after christmas). So I bought this at family dollar and she really loves it. 

Climbing trees at Abby's game

Last game! this was the coach's tent. They were so awesome!

Go RED FAIRIES!!! (...gotta love 5 year-olds..!)