Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Oh Lila...

Lila is a pretty funny girl these days and I want to record a bit of her in this stage! 

She drags my finger to the pantry several times a day grunting and pointing to the top shelf where the suckers and candy are stored. But one thing that's saved us from a long  tantrum after I tell her "no candy after breakfast" is that I can give her a raw corn on the cob and she goes for it!
She still has never gone a whole day without getting a nap! yay! my other kids were DONE with naps by about her age.
I put her sisters in the car while she was supposed to finish up her breakfast...
She seems to be equal parts mommy and daddy

She is hard to leave with a babysitter- we have to be verrry strategic. 
She is not afraid of trying new things! 

she LOOVES swings. I kinda want us to get our own swing set for that very reason.
Her early words are/were: mom, daddy, EWWWWW (for a stinky diaper), shoe, uh huh,  mew (milk), baba (bottle), no...(that's her most used word as I write this!) and honestly, those are the only words that she says often! She hasn't had an ear infection for a long time, and it seems like she's catching onto things more lately!

 She loves to follow her sisters around, but she isn't really playing with them most of the day- she'll do her own thing, but she really likes to have me around. She pulls me where ever she wants to go. She loves to have me watch the lizards down in our window well. She just likes to be in charge. 
She also loves to jump on the tramp. only with other people tho. 
frenimies: luke and lila
oh I have the cutest video of this gal.

She hung out with us on a morning date we had a while back. 

Josh remembers a moment where she grunted and pointed until he'd gone in the pantry, grabbed the broom, and swept where she wanted it swept up.

Labor Day Weekend (week)

Abby and I visited some sweet old widows at Spring Gardens. We love going there.

She just learned how to find the things in look and find and books have been our saving grace for cranky moods lately.
1st annual Shoal Creek Farms visit to pick raspberries. I hope we can make plans to go back every year! Bring up swim suits to swim in the veyo pool or bring bikes too. 

We hit up Marv's for lunch after and I was really proud of Abby. They wanted to buy the little vending machine toys and I told them if they wanted to earn a quarter to use they could go clean the garbage out of our car. Abby earned 2 quarters and bought her sister some gum :) 
Raspberry lemonade back home. 
The Whiteheads are so nice to let use play on their tire swing. We hung out here for a while on this cloudy day. They loved swinging!