Friday, August 19, 2016

Abby's First Day of Kindergarten

She did NOT want to stop and take a picture when she saw her friends walking up to the bus-stop already! 

I was proud of her for attempting a smile and being patient when she REALLY wanted to run up there!

Kate modeling on our way up, to see the school-girl off!

Abby waiting patiently for the bus to come with all the other kids.

She's been looking forward to this day since she was about 3 years-old!

Abby and Jocey

Hugging her bestie/sister good-bye!

Here it comes!

See ya!

She couldn't wait.


Bye Abby!!!

My 2 littles still at home!

They were like 30 minutes late dropping off this first day, but thankfully I had the heads up from my neighbor Misty that they'd be late. She loved it! She had homework her first day and her favorite pat was actually the bus! She has a great teacher, Mrs. Barrett, and she knows about 4 kids in her class! I wish I could've seen how she acted. I would guess she was bubbling out of her chair a bit- just so excited to be there.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lagoon Day 2016

We visited Blake's gravesite before we headed out- we wanted to make his 1-year fate a memorable and fun day toegther as a family. 

We hit up the old fashioned must-do's first: tea cups, bumper cars...

Holdng hands with Parker

Grandpa won them these snakes at the putting green game.

We left around 5 after a super fun day. We for to spend time with my little brother's and LOOOVED Canibal! 
Me and Lila on Odessy.

Abby really thought the kid coaster (bora bora? ) was sooo cool. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hiking the subway!

Josh and I had been talking about hiking the subway for about 8 years now.  We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday and we were finally able to go! Thank you Jason for drawing out a permit! I was so excited I could hardly sleep, but we woke up early and left our house about 6:45 am,  and had a ball!

Josh's ankle did well!

Best anniversary ever! We hiked through white beachy sand intermixed with pine trees, swam through pools, rappelled down a stone wall, shivered from the cold, got to "the subway" (first photo), ate lunch, hiked down through a rocky river bed for a LONG time, then finally did a real HIKE up the mountain in the heat! That's when I broke out the sour patch watermelons and my icy waterbottle was ready for my drinking, and life was grand! I loved this day sooooo much.