Friday, July 8, 2016

Lemonade Stand

Abby had been asking to do a lemonade stand for weeks and he day finally arrived that we were ready to do it,
first thing in the morning before it got REALLY hot. 

She had 2 great helpers out there- Kate and her friend Kennedy (didn't get photos til after she'd left!) 

She must take after me! I used to Love doing lemonade stands when I was about 10 actually-
we had a club and me and my friends would walk to Albertsons and buy soda and candy and sell it on the corner! 
Also had to throw a few pics of the cutest chicks to ever hatch on my front door! We noticed a nest one day and looked inside to find 4 blue eggs! I could hear them chirping one day and we got so see them all new-born-y! My heart melted for a couple of days everytime I heard them chirping. They would stick their beaks out like this anytime they sensed movement.
Here's the first little robin to fly off on his own. Within a matter of a couple weeks- they all left the nest! It was a fun little thing and I loved them more than I've ever loved an animal before!