Friday, May 27, 2016

the mom blog...

I've been working with 4 other moms on this other blog, and it has been really a fun project for me. We are still trying to get more exposure, but we think there is some really awesome, helpful content on there so I thought I'd mention a few of my fave posts thus far for any that are interested! Thanks for looking :) so helpful for me and my kids. so great! so needed. :) bestie ashley! by me! sweet neighbor this is where it all began. a fave, for sure! feeling a little vulnerable putting myself about there. exciting stuff.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cruisin' the Caribbean, part 2

Grenada: Seven Sisters Falls. We hired a guide to take us up and he asked if we wanted to do "the jumps"... We debated, but decided, yeah probably! "That costs extra", he said. We had a nice 20ish minute hike up to these beautiful falls. We saw this waterfall and us girls thought "Umm... yeah, No. We're not jumpin' that. But- it's a good thing we have our guide for the boys..." At the last second we decided to join the boys for a jump down all 7 falls. It was SOOO exhilarating and empowering. Chrissy taught me some power poses, otherwise I may not have been able to jump! I'm never tempted by cliff jumping around home, but there's something about an incredible jungle waterfall that makes the risk of death (seriously- we were warned that  people have broken their spine jumping here)... All worth it!!!
Chrissy and her yoga
We did it!

If I remember right these are cocoa beans?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Cruising the Caribbean, part 1

Josh REALLY loves to go on big-deal vacations. I'm more like, "How bout we go to California!" ...Well- I am so glad we got this cruise going because it was such a rich experience. 
We booked the cruise for January, but Josh actually broke his ankle and would've been on crutches, so we luckily had some awesome understanding friends and we all decided to postpone it. We left at midnight on April 15- tax day! Josh says next year he wants to get a week of time in with our kids before we take off and leave them. I loved being able to "adjust" to him being around more on a couples only vaca!!! 
We left the girls with my mom at our house and I was feeling anxious until the plane left- for good reason- we barely made it in time! lol- we considered stopping at Wendy's... but looking back- we would've missed our flight... so yeah- good thing we ate the most delicious Quiznos ever inside the airport and boarded!
Puerto Rico: Departure city

 We used this shady hotel bag-hold thing that made us a little nervous, but we got to play at the beach before we checked into the ship (Adventure of the Seas). We rented kayaks and saw a matinee and an awesome little lagoon! All worked out though, we got our bags, and started headed toward the ship and there was a bridge and so naturally- Josh and Lance had to jump off it :) We took the pics.
Puerto Rican boys cheered for the hubbies when they'd jump off. We felt pretty cool- til one of them flipped us off. Immature little guys. 
We decided to walk to the boat from the beach we were at... It looked so close! But it wasn't. I narrowly escaped Then there were long lines, ya know? We were beat, but quickly recovered with a little AC and rest before the emergency drill.

Our first night we went down to eat dinner and they showed us to a table with like 5 other couples and 2 seats left... There is 4 in our party, so we had them find us another spot. Maybe it was meant to be? We loved this couple from Ohio- we had such fun conversations with them every night.

St Thomas:
We slept IN!!! We left the boat around like lunchtime and decided to rent a car- which we were so happy we did. We got to go all over the island and discovered a little spot on the peninsula that made the day really amazing for me. This is me and Chrissy on the way to the beach. (Chrissy and I met at Dixie- we were roommates the year Josh dumped me--- so glad he did- we are besties and prob wouldn't be near as close if we woulda gotten married).

We got a chance to tell our love stories as we drove around-- Love this guy and I happen to love our
 love story too!

Magen's Bay. We walked, and talked, and had a delish gyro! We decided to treat it like a Sabbath still as much as we could and it was a really fun day.

This is the spot on the peninsula that I thought was pretty breathtaking! #rentalcarforthewin!

Isn't my friend cute? I took this photo and I felt so skilled- but really their work camera is just really amazing. She has this really awesome site: check it out! it was SOOO fun to get a chance to talk with her for a whole week with no rush about her passions and have someone that's interested in mine too!

So then we did some yoga in the breeze. One of my favorite activities from the whole week. It just felt so right. lol- call us weird- I don't even care.