Monday, April 18, 2016

Saturdays... glorious Saturdays...

Last year tax season were kinda hard for me when it got to be Saturday... I'd usually enjoy the flexibility of being able to do our own thing all week long, but on Saturday I was just ready to have some help to be able to do something fun!!! Luckily this year, Josh was able to keep Saturdays pretty free until March and that helped me a ton!

This is one of my favorite days ever. We explored in the snow, played with a little frisbee, and ate at Oscars! 


We laid sod and put in some planter boxes this spring! 
2nd Annual "tax season scavenger hunt" at Daddy's office!
Abby and I got to go to a fundraiser yard sale and had so much fun together!
Star nursery visit. My fave place! Picking out fruit trees. 

This was not on a Saturday, but I figure it fits the theme of how Tax Season wasn't too bad! Josh got me a "day off" for Christmas and it was GLORIOUS! Pedicures with Lindsey, lunch at Qdoba, a few minutes to kill at the mall, a massage, then an hour spent by myself, just enjoying nature... I was giddy for like a week. 

Look who's 3!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Easter 2016

The Easter Bunny found a fun spot to bring the baskets to our house! He always remembers to bring the same stuffed animals back every year, and some fun little goodies for the whole family! 

Side note: abby is loving making a "set" of her coloring book pages- she cuts them out once they are colored and then plays with them. Annie taught her and it's her favorite hobby right now.