Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sappy Sunday 2.7.16

(not taken today, but from a memory with similar thoughts)
So... I have ups and downs- I have times where I don't understand everything and I get overwhelmed when I try to figure out the meaning of life etc. The last few days I had a few more unsettling thoughts than usual and I felt drawn to the temple. It was good- kinda weird to go alone- Josh stayed home with the sick kids. I might've fallen asleep a time or two! I was glad to've had the opportunity to go.

Then this morning I ate breakfast, and then started my fast! (lol I know that's not the usual way, but I do have a bunch of pretty good excuses why I think eating is the better choice for this nursing/migraine getting momma). I desired to understand more concerning the temple covenants. I wrote that down and prayed. Well... "Ask and ye shall receive"!

Testimony meeting was incredible! (partly because I got to go with ZERO kids!
) But seriously, everyone that shared was SO powerful. I feel like He answered my desire to know more and then went the extra mile. I wrote down some impressions for myself, and I liked them. So here they are... posted up on the blog :)

I am so grateful to be a woman in the gospel. I feel cherished and important and I know where my place is on this earth.

I believe that we all have a divine mission. As we do things that increase our spirituality & spend time doing righteous, good deeds, we are filled with the holy ghost and that spirit is what allows us to know what our own mission is.

Visiting teaching and relief society has played a huge role in my life and I am SO grateful for all those that've sacrificed to allow for me to be a part of these divine programs.

I am very thankful for a few very special experiences that make it so that I can't deny the power of the priesthood, specifically. If I really start to analyze something that doesn't make sense, I can go back to those crucial experiences that I can't explain any other way, other than that it's God's power on earth.

If we ever struggle, we can trust in what we do know- God created each of us and he loves us each infinitely. No reason to forsake what we do know for what we don't.

Amen :)