Friday, January 29, 2016

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Party!

Abby turned 5 and Kate turned 3 and we are all love a party! So we thought we'd throw a big one... And boy oh boy am I grateful to my photo cred and lifetime bestie: Ashley Harmon, for offering to stick around for the party... I knew my mom would be there to help, and HELP she did, but I underestimated how much adult attention 16 kids under the age of 6 needs! The party was 100% fun thanks to their help, and also 100% chaos, given the energy of that many kids!!!

We had a coloring contest

we used an app to try to learn how to draw our own pinkie pie

I had fun making decorations we could later use in our playroom. 

then we made rainbow neclaces

and we had a rainbow dash race!

we used the little prizes for their party favors

we had a rainbow of food for a snack

and these girls just had a blast with their friends! Thnak you to everyone that helped celebrate these girls' birth! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Lila is one!

This little cutie had a birthday! We had a party for her while we were at my parent's in Salt Lake for Christmas.
She'd been kind of a grump (we suspect her teeth her bugging her), but she was really happy for her party!

We invited our "up north" friends and family we don't get to see as often. 

Grateful for my Dad to take some pics for us! 

So glad Parker and his buds could be there too.They are just too cute.
We made homemade pizzas in my parent's pizza cooker, my mom made a delicious salad, and I just bought pink and gold desserts since we were away from home :) Oh and pink and golden delicious apple slices too- someday maybe I'll master party photography to capture all the cute details... for now- I'm totally grateful for the pics we did get!

PINK and GOLD seemed like the perfect theme for a party on the Monday before New Year's.

We had a little FHE lesson on the scripture Josh and I had been ponderizing that week too at the party :). Can I just say how much we've enjoyed ponderizing? Our scripture routine has felt just right for this stage:  Josh and I do personal study on our own- mine's first thing in the morning a chap in my phone,  then we watch a chapter in the children's scriptures before josh goes to work (kids almost always want to do 2), then Josh and I take one week to ponderize a scripture mastery. We love how it gives us time to talk about what we think it means, how we can make it a part of us, etc. 
The happy birthday girl!!!
She was so confused when we all sang to her, but you could tell she kinda liked it :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Other Blog + Christmas Card Practicing

So there were a couple posts on here that looked like they didn't really belong on our family blog- that's 'cause I was practicing for another blog I'm working on with some other neat moms. It's called Mommy Convos: Conversations that Inspire a Healthy, Happy Home.  We are looking for a designer right now to help build it beautifully, but I'm like giddy about the little progress we have so far!
And- Here's a photo dump of all the practicing we did for our Christmas Cards. We had fun trying to get some mischievous pictures!

NICE until proven NAUGHTY:

I just kept pulling out my camera every afternoon and tried to get some fun poses and I thought we got some really sweet, cute shots! Then Kasia saved the day and got a natural, giggly shot of our family. None of the shots we actually used for the card are in this post- There were just too many shots I want to remember!