Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grammy and Papa Debehan Visits 2015

I borrowed my dad's computer to grab a few of the pics we're always taking when we're together! These are the misc photos from this year... no particular order :)

We wanted to do a belayed mother's day hike, but we went for a drive to check it out and it was a little on the snowy side. Instead, we went walking on the bell canyon trail that my mom walks on all the time- all as a family. We had a few skeptics, but it really was such a fun time spent together- everyone expressed how much they enjoyed it!
We visited Grandma Chris on the way home to St. George

Grampa Debenham likes to take us to Neilson's to get icecream when he's visiting!

These pics with Uncle Blake are extra dear to us. They are the last pics we have of Blake and my girls. I'll copy and paste my thoughts on his death that I shared on facebook at the end of this post.

Blake was always really sweet with my girls- excited to see them and would chat with them about their life :)

Bedtime stories and snuggles

Uncle/Elder Chase home for the funeral

We took a hike the day after Blake's funeral as a family and it was incredibly healing. 

Kaya tagged along with us. We were happy to have her.

We saw a little family trying to carry a huge kayak with a crying baby and it wasn't working all that well, so we offered to help them- we know blake wouldn't hesitated like we were, so we went to action, carrying the kayak all the way back. We had a nice chat with the family from Alaska!

Slip N Slide and Kolob Trip

2 of my favorite things: Slip n Slides and Kolob... Here's a few shots so we can remember the good times!

It was Josh's idea to pull out the tarp and jump in the little pool they used for a scout activity.

We all thought it was a great idea!

See that cot in the background? That was actually used to make a ramp into the pool... it worked better than I woulda fathomed, but yeah, not the best idea.

dorky mom selfie.

We listened to general confernce in Kolob

we printed some activities straight from lds.org and they were a hit!

Daddy and Lila

I kid you not, we drank like 10 cups of hot cocoa while we were up there. It just hit the spot!

We saw these elk on the way home and Josh started dreaming of his upcoming (1st ever) hunting trip.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

We were so happy to be able to spend Halloween with my parents in Salt Lake this year. My dad loves to go all out for Halloween and since they moved to a new neighborhood, they weren't sure they'd get any trick-or-treaters. They got at least 3... a minnie mouse, a pink princess, and a kiity cat!

I love this shot so much. I feel like it captures the feeling of the night for me. Off to a new house we go! We went to my parents' new neighborhood, and their old neighborhood- both had such a fun excitement about them. 
They hopped down the steps and giggled over and over again :)
"Paupa Dehinhan" and Kate.
Santa Claus gave out mustard packets to the naughty boys and girls for Halloween here.

This was such a nice afternoon- kids were happy, calmly playing with each other- there was a wetness in the air and we didn't have anywhere we need to be or anything we needed to do. Just be! I am so grateful that I can be home with my kids.