Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Abby's First Day of Preschool

 Do you think she was excited? My SWEET neighbor Holly was on board to carpool and so we get to carpool with Jolie! We love their teacher Teresa. It's a perfect fit for us. Abby is starting to read already!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Down time

We were home-bound for like 10 days. It all started when I went to a Zumba class one lovely tuesday... Dropped the kids off at the daycare, and then it hit.... Kate got a croup-y cough, followed by a bad cough for Abby. Then, despite my efforts to save Lila from it, she eventually developed  symptoms which turned into and ear infection. 3 trips to the pediatrician later- we are all ALMOST over it! (I can't decide if I'm experiencing allergies or what...)

Since we wanted to avoid the spread of germs, here's what we've been up to keep from going loco!

We borrowed a bunch of games from my Kathryn. Jackpot! That Frozen Spot It game was fun enough that I ended up ordering our own online. I'd compete with Josh at the same time the girls raced each other. Blokus was actually really fun for a date night in! That's prob Josh and I's very favorite. Mighty Mind was totally great for Abby- kept her busy for a long stretch. Feed the kitty was cute to see my girls easily catch on. Fibber and Yahtzee we never got around to...
Just sayin' hi!
That one time I went looking for Kate and found her all buckled in, shoes on, just as happy as could be. Ummm... next time, let's have you do that when I ask you to get in the car, k? (and have my car magically stay that clean too, alright?)
Chalk silhouettes were fun! This one's Kate.

I let Abby do mine too. Nice excuse to lay down and take half-a-nap ;)

Abby is SOOO excited for her first dance class. We took pics for fun since she couldn't actually go! She's been anxiously awaiting dance and school to start, and the cough hit. Bummer.
Kate is big-into twirling as of late.

Kate is a little jealous, but she's fine once Abby's out of sight-- out of mind. We really relish in one-on-one time. Those 2 have been "at" each other more, so they need a break, separate from one another.
We fed the ducks, took a selfie or 2, and Kate earned her first big prize with her fuzzies! And we had humidifiers galore going round the house. The end. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sand Hollow 2015

We ran into some old friends Jon and Kate, from our newly-wed days on the beach! It was fun to get to boat together! There's their little AJ.