Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wanna be on TV?

K, so this is "for real": my dad is producing a show for BYUtv and they are looking for a married couple (25-64 yrs old) to compete on "The Relative Race". They pay $500/day (plus per diem for your expenses- you'll be traveling across the country... Dang, right?). It'd be up to 10 days (all in one chunk, mid-late august) and if you win, it's a $25,000 prize! If you know anyone that might be interested in being on the show (across the country)- check out You'll post a 1 min video telling why you should be on the show. They are looking for regular, real people that can have fun racing to find a long lost relative. My dad's company, lenzworks, always does an upscale job at everything I've seen from them! DEADLINE IS FRI, MAY 15. They have no interest in distorting your image or anything (like a lot of the popular reality shows do), but it's all about getting people excited about geneology- it'll be an amazing experience!!!
BYUtv is looking for 4 married couples to participate in a race across America towards a $25,000 grand prize. What sets the route? Their DNA!

On that note about "shows". Josh and I had such a fun date the other night: we LOVED "Little Boy". Just came out recently and it was such a wonderful date movie- totally intense at times: so much so that the lady behind us was hilarious about how everything was affecting her- the "oh's" of surprise, the "oh no!... oh no oh no..." at the worrisome scenes, and the laughing out loud was so VOCAL, and it made the movie even more entertaining! We were happy to have her near us :)