Friday, January 30, 2015

Abby is 4 now!

Abby came home from her first day in primary with this sticker on her "love dress"- She was asked to say the prayer in primary next week. She is pretty territorial about always saying the prayer, so it was no surprise that the newbie was eager to volunteer.
 Abby's 4th birthday party:
riding the kiddie cars at fiesta fun!

Birthday girl!

one second too late to get her blowing the candles

Kate interested in her gifts

If I remember right, these guys were all getting on the train? Or maybe a bus...

marking out how tall she is!

She loves being 4! She is great at helping her sisters, writing her name, and playing with her new friends Jocelyn, Ivy, and Jojo. She loves Odd Squad, jumping on the tramp, and still loves a sippy of milk in the afternoon. I love putting her to bed at night- we have some good chats. She had her first daddy daughter interview on Sunday- She adores her dad!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lila's Newborn Pics


I am adding these pics in later  (technical difficulties), and I was noticing I didn't have a lot of details about her delivery in Lila's "birth" post, so I'll add in the info I have from my Doctors' report! I just requested this report because (I'm quite pregnant with baby #4) and I was curious about my chart numbers in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Lila. It was cool to read through the report to find that it was indeed ONE minute of pushing before I delivered her! Dr. Chalmers got there at 3:43am, I started pushing at 3:44am, and we "delivered female" at 3:45am On Dec 30!!! It was about a 5 hour labor from the time they induced me. I came in at dilated to a 4, 70% effaced (I told the Dr's not to tell me how dilated I was in the appointments before so that I wouldn't psych myself out thinking the baby was coming). Anyway, I was only at a 1 for discomfort, then once the pain started to progress, I asked for the epidural around midnight. Everything was pretty predictable, until my blood pressure dropped (and oxygen mask was needed) and it was time to push! The rest of the details are on her "birth" post! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Lila Brooke

4 important days (of getting settled into our new home) after her due-date, we came in about 10pm to be induced before the next year was here! 
Feeling ready!
My blood pressure always gets pretty low toward the end, hence the mask. I was feeling pretty good though- in and out of my night's rest. Nurses took care of me and Josh was there being supportive as always :)

She came after only a couple pushes (almost before Dr. Chalmers got there!) Here's the first shot of the babe! I didn't want to let her go out of my arms!
She was so great to start nursing right away. Such a sweet, good baby.
Here was the view out our "mom and baby" room.
I got the cutest video in the world of Kate meeting her baby sister for the first time. She was SO excited.

Abby adores baby Lila and wants to hold her all the time. She is seriously such a perfect big sister to her.

I can't tell you how much I love being a mom to 3 adorable girls. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I really don't know how I could be so blessed!
I could definitely use a bit of breathing room though...