Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bikes, "Sim Suits," Kolob, and Salt Lake


We've had some good times ridin' bikes on the driveway

Swim Suits:
abby's "ice bucket challenge"... not really.
She LOVES to wear her sim suit

We took the rhino to the river and played! I really wish we woulda thrown the life-jackets in so we could spend more time, settle in, and play around. Next time!

Hard-core allergies look Good on me, I know ;)
We checked out the progress on the house- 2 thumbs up! Yes, the belly is progressing a bit too!
(Baby Lila is due December 26)

Kate is way less interested in taking naps these days, but it looked like reading "Too Princessy" wiped her out!
Best Walmart trip we've had in a long time- on the way up to kolob- I don't know if these seats were made for 3 year olds, but they loved it!
There happened to be a rabbit up at the cabin this time and it was our mission to catch it and bring it home to it's owner. Highlight of the trip, as well as Ashley's tacos. I know I was thinking how amazing can tacos be- tacos are always good... Her's have cocaine in them or something because they were unreal :)

We noticed Abby crying in the back seat on our drive home, she was so sad that we had to leave Kolob that her heart hurt... So precious.
Salt Lake:
We had to pick up my ring from Schubach Jewelers- (love them!) 'cause they were replacing the little diamonds that'd fallen out... Anyway- here's everyone ready to ride the train at the mall. 

We got to get all dressed up for my cousin Sierra's wedding. It was Gorgeous, up Hobble Creek Canyon. Fun night.
And here is more evidence of the lack of naps... Asleep at the dinner table!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today I'm meeting with the cabinet people (Wastlund) and I thought it'd be good to bring in pictures- long story short- this will be the easiest way to show them pics of what I'm thinking for a few of the ideas I'd like to pull off. (I can't figure out how to email a pic from it's easier to embed to a website! I'm sure I'm missing something, but oh well!)