Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camping with Zoey

So we have some new friends- the Holloways. And they have a girl named Zoey, and Abby LOVES Zoey. She has talked about “camping with Zoey” maybe 50 times. The day finally arrived that we could go up and camp with them and we made some great memories!

This is  the humungo tent we borrowed from Dustin and we slept so comfortably!

We planned to go up to Pine Valley and long story short, we got there and the campground was FULL. my pregnant belly NEEDED dinner soon, and there were fire restrictions so that we had to find a campground with a "fire ring" before we could cook our dinner! I was soo bummed, but we drove a little further to Enterprise (I'd never been there before) and found a beautiful campground! It turned out just wonderful :)
We ate our tinfoil dinners (sweet potatoes in this time- loved it), the girls played with the sand toys the Holloways brought, and then we went to check out the reservoir. We came at the perfect time for the sunset.
Then we (meaning the people-who-know-how-to-skip-rocks, myself not included) skipped rocks for a bit. 

We had some cobbler and stayed up too late talking around the campfire. We slept as good as we ever have though once we hit the sack! 

Next morning these 2 kiddos (Abby and Zoey) were too much fun on the way to the bathroom.

And kate enjoyed some chocolate for breakfast...

...and gave the doggie some loves.
all packed up and ready to say good bye
Micah and Kristal Holloway fam :)

We stopped and swam at the veyo pool on our way home. We plan to repeat this trip in a couple months.