Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kate Olivia in the Prime Toddler Stage

There are so many funny things about this girl that I don't want to forget, so I'll try to compile a few...

We found her sitting in my bathroom sink the other day. I put her down and watched her climb up the toilet and right back to her "spot".

She and Abby love to play together. They hold hands often and give each other lots of loves and hugs, which turns into tackling and wrestling each other. We are currently battling a pinching and hair-pulling problem with this little girlie... 

This is them tackling each other at the Dr's office. They LOVE it there! 

Mid-nap I just heard Kate singing " eh-ih GO!" (Let it go... She can't really sing it, but she tries to sing it all the time and has been singing the tune for months!) She went back to sleep after singing it a couple times. (Abby was just watching the music video on my phone, so she most've heard it in her dreams).

She hadn't been into watching anything on the TV (unlike Abby- she always loved TV). Something switched in the last week or so though, and several times a day she asks for a "sow". I love the way she says it- melts my heart.

She loves to play with buckles. She will sit in her high chair for 30+ minutes and just fiddle with it, trying to get the buckle to click. I have to drag her away from the stroller, otherwise I think she'd stay in that seat all day long. She hates to get in the car most of the time, but she also hates to get out and leave the buckle behind.

She is jabbering a lot, trying to talk like her big sister, but  her real words are:

Mama (said while she pats her chest, like I did to show her that I am "mama")
Dada (usually pats her chest on that one too)
Nigh nigh (night night)
Shuoo (shoe. 1st word!)
Fop fop (flip flop)
Cock (clock- loves them)
Bye Bye
No! (we hear this word the most... it's almost always said with full force: with her eyes, head tilt, little chubby hand gestures- everything communicates, that No! I don't want it!)
Yah! (often sounds more like dah!)
Iwandat ("I want that"- also hear this all the time!)
Foo (food)
Sow (show)
And those are the ones I hear a lot... She said Grampa today for Father's day, and she can repeat some words ok, but yeah, that's about it for now!

Ummm... I should also mention that she is STUBBORN :) She is wanting to be more and more independent every day. She has to do it on her own, whatever it is. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have a dream...

I have a desire to be more politically aware. I was listening to a favorite podcast of mine- mechanic to millionaire and today I feel like I got out of a little rut I've been in. I just haven't felt very well and so I have been just kinda laying around more than I'd like to admit.

Anyway, I felt inspired to put this idea-of-mine into action. This idea I've thought about for a couple of years is that I want to make routine blogposts about becoming more active in our communities, to keep America amazing. 

I don't think that now is the time for me to get too focused on it... We've got a house to build, and a busy summer schedule, and a family to grow, etc... But I think at least starting, dreaming, planning and spending a little less time on... (hate to say it) pinterest is a good thing! 

Anyway, I thought I'd post a couple things... Here's an article (that I am going to finish reading tonight with Josh) that looks like an unbiased look at county attorney candidates:

article on county attorney race  ... ummm I wanted to post more articles, but we'll just start with one! The senate race looks pretty won by vickers from what I can tell :) Please share anything you've come across! 

And REMEMBER to put it on your calendar to research a little bit who you want to vote for, and then plan to go vote this Tues, June 24th! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting ready for the move

  So, we are moved into Josh's parents' house, just starting to feel a little bit settled and organized, finally :) Brena and Lamar got a mission call to serve bringing youth groups across the plains in the Martin's Cove area, and since their house is vacant... We decided it might be a good time to save some money (we found some great renters) and build a house! It's kinda been a whirlwind... Fun to be busy and we are all really enjoying being here at "gramma and grampa woodberry's house!" Last night we ran over to the library a block or 2 away and got ourselves The Lion King and had a fun movie night with the girls. We've all really liked living here thus far!

Here are some pics from us getting ready to move over!

Daddy was spraying off the patio and he had the girls come inside, occasionally he'd spray them through the window and they loved it!

These kids are the best of friends and they love spending time with their dad.

Here's a pic of the patio (I was thinking "after he sprayed it off", but I guess that was just to clean it for the new people, not for the picture. We'd spilled one too many smoothies out on that concrete and it shows, amidst the sidewalk chalk).

We finally finished the stepstones around the garden. Funny how when you move, you finally get your bum in gear to finish the things you planned on doing forever ago. We also finished a drip system for the plants along the back wall- Go Josh!

Here's an awesome phone shot of our couches we sold! These were my parents' in the 90's... They were beige! My mom found a leather stain, and so I spent LOTS of summer hours when I was 20 and 21 in the basement storage room of my dad's work staining them! If I could go back, I'd just spray-paint them.

 Here's the girls all snuggled up watching some Veggietales with the couches gone.

This is our new home til our place is done, probably in January! Lots of pretty sunlight in here, so I am a happy girl!
first day playing outside
Unfortunately, when our storage pod got delivered, they smashed into the fence! Abby was pretty upset when it happened.
A family Josh home-taught gave us this cute playhouse. We are all big fans!

Abby's new spot to watch her shows. "Cat in the hat knows a lot about that" and "Peg + Cat" is what she usually catches while Kate takes her nap every day. Sometimes I get a little nap of my own- the move seriously wiped me out!!! I have been REALLY tired lately, hopefully not for long!