Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun Easter

Easter 2014:
Abby and I coordinated our outfits. Josh was feeling really achy that morning- food poisoning, we think... Anyway, so he stayed home with Kate so she could get a nap at her normal hour.

We had Dustin and Kathryn and kids over for Easter dinner of ham, corn casserole, caesar salad and a beautiful fruit plate! I stepped up my table-setting a notch or two with some fun spring items that made me think if my mom and grandma, and we just had a really nice dinner together! Our cadbury egg blondies got the shaft after all the easter egg candy, but everyone was happy!
Kate got REALLY excited about the egg hunt

everyone dashing around

I think Annie was the expert egg-finder

This activity was right up Heidi's alley :)

Abby with her loot!
The girls' Easter basket had a few fun things we knew the girls would enjoy like gardening gloves and a little turtle that grows  in water, and a book about the meaning of Easter. As I read it to the girls that morning in our bed, I got choked up and couldn't read one of the pages- the Easter story is truth, as crazy as it is! It's a complete miracle from our loving God. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Abby's fuzzies

Here's Abby getting her first prize she earned! A Barbie toothbrush! She earns a fuzzy if she wakes up in the morning happy, and also if I give her the "thumbs up" (meaning she did something great, like be extra kind to her sister or friend, does her chores without lots of reminding, etc.)
 When she gets 2 fuzzies in each compartment of her purple box, then she gets to pick a prize.We both really liked doing this! She is working towards a princess dress-up dress right now.

My college friends and I have a "goal group" where once a month we do a conference call to catch up on life and talk about how we did on personal goals we set for the month- this was one I set for Feb, but ended up getting it together for March. I have been better about accomplishing goals than I can ever remember! 

Kate LOVES shoes! Kate can say 2 words consistently: "Dada!" and "Shoe..." These are our favorite pair she wears just about everyday! They are "Jack and Lilly"- great quality- I wanna get my hands on some more ;)  Shoes are her favorite toy right now.

I kinda like putting these girls to bed. Sometimes they are so darling this time of night. 

snuggling on the tile floor...

And one more random moment I thought was cute:
They LOVED the zucchini I made the other night. Kate spit it out twice, but then third time was the charm! She feels like such a big girl up on the stool. She loves to be up there.
I thought they were so cute trading back and forth and gobbling it all up! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grammy Mona!

It's my mom's birthday today! Here's a few memories together from the last few years that I hope will make her smile. :)

We are so lucky to have my mom in my life! She is such a  good friend to everyone who knows her. And not to mention how much my girls just adore "Grammy Mona" and always have had a special bond with them.  We are so lucky we don't have the "mother-in-law" issues with her and josh that are so common- they get along great! I can always count on her to be there for me to be a good listener, or to help me with anything we might need!

I didn't understand this fully until recently,  (prob still don't )but she is one of the strongest people I know- she can deal with a lot of hard stuff that would make most people just break! She continues on with class and grace.

We love you mom! Hope you have a wonderful day!