Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

As I look at these pictures, I'm thinking to myself- this doesn't really look like Christmas. It was a great day, but it didn't feel much like Christmas! (Although, miraculously, we did have snow fall out our gorgeous new windows that afternoon)... We had moved into our new home the day before, and baby Lila was due the day after... So it was kinda a jumbled, exciting mess. We unloaded the storage unit Christmas Eve morning with the help of some awesome hired cousins and neighbors, and one new neighbor, Don, that just served his little heart out for us for about 4 hours. This is such a great neighborhood, btw. We are genuinely excited for the years to come, raising our family here.

 Anyway, as Josh put it, it was kinda too bad: Christmas is like one of the best days of the whole year that you look forward to; and then getting to move into your dream home is kinda a once in a life-time thing; and then there is just nothing that can compare to how amazing the experience of a birth of a child is... And we had it all squished into one week! We are so blessed! But it woulda been nice if we could spread it out a little...

Here's out little tree on Chiristmas Eve. We have since planted this tree in our front yard. We got some clothes and a couple little toys for the girls under the tree...
... and some green ballerina tutus and treats in the stockings...
(which I was glad I could find among all our stuff that'd been in storage! we didn't have one for kate, so I used a little painters tape to fix that and make a joint one for mommy and daddy) 

Luckily Santa found a few last minute little cereal boxes and candies at Walgreens to help fill the stockings.
Then we saw the big present from santa...
A trampoline! He left a card telling us that daddy would have to put it together...
 They had fun out there for a while. Too cold for mom and dad, but not these girls!
 Just runnin' in circles

...And playing with the golf club set.
That night we sang some Christmas hymns and ate eggs and leftovers at Grandma and Grandpa                                                Woodbury's. I had a few contractions, but not much!

We were so anxious to get in before the baby came, and although life was pretty disorganized still at the house, we were grateful to get in! There was still several things to finish on the house (cabinets, no mirrors, etc etc) but it passed inspection! We were doing ok for unpacking... until my dad came down a few days after Christmas and seriously accomplished more that day than we would've been able to get to in months. (he rounded up uncle dave, aaron, and trevor to help) Krissy helped too and it was such a wonderful Saturday! I felt way more ready for the baby to come. I really was hoping she could wait in there til I got to go to church once and she thought that was a good idea, so she waited patiently! (til we induced her on the 30h).

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Lights in Salt Lake

We rode Trax to see the lights at temple square with grammy and grampa Debenham.
 The girls were so excited to ride on a "train"!
city creek water show

trying on papa's shoes

Not sure if this was the same visit... but here's a photo dump of picking out my parents' tree:

our little christmas tree back hone!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby belly, Mesquite getaway,Turkey day, etc etc...

Baby Lila in my tummy 11.9.14
We live really close to the church and so we really enjoy walking :)
Potty-Training Kate:
I was so excited as I laid this out for Kate to wake up to. I had some fun memories from abby's potty training that I've tried to remember (and some bad ones I did a great job at forgetting about). So I was really happy to be starting this for kate even though it was way earlier than I would really have thought I'd be doing this. She did pretty well with it and we filled up all the butterflies (fy-fies, as she calls them) with cat stickers, but she still would have an accident or two a day, so she never earned her puppy as of yet. (still in diapers as of 2.15.14)
I can't even express how much I enjoyed this little getaway we had at the casablanca.
It was so nice to relax with my best buddy.
Laying out at their nice pool was heavenly. I coulda spent the whole day there. Ah...
This is abby's joyschool class. My friend Jamie is an angel for putiing this together.
When I came into the kitchen thanksgiving morning I found kate had peeled 2 bags of clementines for us!
I loved my assignment for thankgiving this year: I made these little turkeys. We wrote things we are thankful for on the feathers. And then I just got to make our favorite, easy apple pies! 
We ate at Dave and Susan's and it was really fun to look forward to spending time with my family and then getting to experience it. Dave went around and told us all specific things that he was grateful for in each of us- it was really special. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the power behind gratitude. (weird, but so true) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

Abby wanted to paint pumpkins the moment we brought them home from the store- so- we put together a chart that she could mark off the days til Halloween, and the day we'd get to decorate our pumpkins!

Kate thought the paint looked yummy

the Halloween carnival at the ward trunk or treat

The "princess and the pea"

Kate was a pretty good sport about her costume- she got a little bit jealous that she wasn't in a dress for a few minutes before we went to singing time that week, but she did pretty good after that! Abby of course was thrilled to be a pink princess! This is a favorite dress-up dress, until she had it taken away from her for a few months for not being obedient, but luckily she earned it back in time! 

Kate loved to take her little blue pumpkin all over the house and yard around with her... and I couldn't find it on Haloween night! But it turned out to be the pretty cute though! ;) I enjoyed carving "baby lila's" at a girls night- but I did it too early- I had to store it in the fridge and put it in a coulple of ice baths to revive it. It worked- but the painted polka dots came off in the bath!

After the trunk or treat I took the girls to our new neighborhood to trick or treat for an hour or so while josh passed out candy to the 10 or so kids that came to the Woodbury's. It was a good time :)

Afterwards I did my first late-night Walmart run on the day before "No Buy November". We'll see how this month goes- I don't feel very prepared or organized, but I'm sure we'll survive!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kolob for Conference

We decided a little last minute that Kolob would be a good place to listen to conference on Sunday, so we drove up, listened to the last session, had some lunch, and took LOTS of pictures on the way back!

They like it here.
gotta get a pic of the photographer for the following shots:

Did I really get that lucky? I think he's pretty handsome...
We took a bunch at this spot, but let's just say sweatshirts
aren't a good choice for which to take cute pictures in :)
Everyone else looked cute in this one though, huh?