Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treasure Valley Sledding

We experienced more snow fall in one weekend than we get on average in a 6-year period for St. George, and I wanted to play in it real bad. A whole week later we found some time to head over to the park about 5 minute down the road from us and go sledding! 
The hill may have been teeny, but it couldn't've been more fun!

Josh has asked me a number of times if we should get rid of our little green sleds, but I am always hopeful that a day like this will pop up and we'll be glad we have them! Anyone is welcome to borrow them any time, 'cause let's be honest, it has been 3 years since we've used them for sledding?

Abby LOVED making snow angels. She probably made 10 of them all across the park
After we'd sledded to our hearts' content, we had hot chocolate and whipped cream, or should I say whipped cream with some hot chocolate :) It was a perfect, warm day!