Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My mom came down for a visit a couple weeks ago and we did a little photo shoot of the girls! 
I only have brothers, so I feel really lucky to've been blessed with 2 little girls. They are best buddies- they love to play with each other and make each other happy. 

While "drammy mona" and grandpa hobson were down we went to a carnival on town square, and then went to our neighborhood Halloween carnival. Abby was most excited about her sticky hand she got in the fishing pond more than anything. We snuck out before the trunk-or-treat started 'cuz it was time for bed, not time for more candy! I love to trick or treat more than anything and so I really hope that trunk-or-treats don't take over the halloween tradition I love! 

As always, we had mom's green smoothies/juice, did massages, and discussed life. :) 
We love having her visit, and it was fun having grandpa hobson around too!