Thursday, October 31, 2013

Veyo Pool and Civic upgrade

Veyo pool is such a cool place to visit! The pool was built in the 40's in this lava canyon and apparently they fill the water every night with fresh spring water from the river!
 It's got a fun, old school feeling to it.

Baby Mav and baby Kate getting acquainted with the swimming pool
Fishing for crawdads in the creek right by the pool
He caught got one!
On the way home, Josh had his magical moment he'd been dreaming about for years. 222,2222 miles! He never imagined it'd be with all 4 of us in the car coming home from a fun afternoon spent with his best friend and favorite cousins/friends. We hit a crazy rainstorm just as we were heading to our car and had to wait it out for like 30 min in the snack shack area. It was a really memorable time :)

It was time to sell...
...because my little brother Chase was leaving this car behind to serve a mission in Oklahoma City, and so my parents thought they'd let us drive it while he's gone! Yes, please. And Thank you!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old News...

Kate's crawling!
...And standing up.
Abby's potty-trained!
...and she LOVES ketchup!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Modern Family

I actually started this post back in 2011- There are a few things on my mind I still think about sharing, so here it goes! 1st- I liked this quote: ;)

True, huh? Somehow I got really lucky, and have a husband that "gets it"-- not all husbands do!

On a different note-- I've had a couple of instances where we'll be hanging out with friends and we mention how much we enjoy the TV show- Modern Family. Of all the options for TV shows out there, it's pretty clean! (A few of our other (clean) favorites I would recommend, by the way: "Once Upon a Time", (awesome for both the hubby and wife to get addicted to- you have to start from beginning on netflix though!) or we also just started enjoying "Love in the Wild"- a more entertaining and realistic version of "The Bachelor" with 6 couples.)
This one's my very fav right now, so who needs modern family, anyway?
Anyway, a few have mentioned that they're not really interested in watching Modern Family- partly because they'd heard there is a gay couple on it (they don't like the fact that it makes being gay so mainstream)... The conversations have brought out some interesting points I thought were important enough to blog about-

The TV series shows the couple as good parents and fine people. As the show is now in it's (4th?) season, we've seen the gay couple go from being the funny, good parents that aren't really accepted by the older generation, to now they are shown as the ones that have the sweeter, better relationship that everyone now is accepting of. I feel like it's a subtle way of allowing us to perceive this very awful and wrong practice as normal, I think we need to do something about it.

We talked about how if you look at history patterns of civilizations, you can see that once a civilization starts to accept homosexual behavior- that the particular civilization (Romans, Greeks) will soon have a serious downfall. I'm not a historian by any means, but I would think that the people start to get so twisted in what is right and wrong and nothing functions! Makes sense to me.

Of course, there is a huge difference between someone that struggles with homosexual tendencies, and the sin of homosexuality.The former is a person that we need to love and respect, and the latter is a practice that is wrong and unacceptable in my mind. Just like cheating on a spouse shouldn't be acceptable behavior, I feel like God has laid out both laws pretty plainly for us to benefit from, and I hate to see something so serious as homosexuality become something so casual.

To paraphrase something I heard on (klove?) radio today-- God created beautiful sunsets, and really every pleasure and joy we experience. For us to think that he doesn't know how to reward us in the best way is crazy! He knows what will make us happiest- why trade a short term pleasure, for one mapped out for us that will bring pleasure and peace forever!

To be truthful here- I'm having a hard time giving up on Modern Family though! Most of it is seriously just good, clean fun. Of all the options out there- Modern Family is one of the best we've seen so far... Dang it! What to do..? Comments encouraged!

***had to add this: I really appreciate both of the thoughtful, sweet comments! I doubt many others will be reading this, but, I meant of all of my post, especially the part about how someone who has gay feelings deserves just as much love and respect as anyone. My comments weren't meant to be hateful- because my feelings for gay people aren't hateful at all! In fact, the people I know that are gay I think pretty highly of in a lot of ways. I think they can be great parents and great people, but just as unfaithful spouses, or addicts etc. can be great people, I think what they are acting on is wrong. In one way or another, I don't think they understand that, and it's a very hard, sticky situation. I feel so sad about it- I truly believe that God can help them through this SUPER-hard trial. Sorry, I don't want to hurt anyone, but it's something that I feel so strongly about, that I had to say something about it.

When someone attacks my beliefs, it's fine. My experiences have led me to be sure in my faith. That person's experiences have led them to believe something else- and it's ok. This all boils down to the fact that my church leaders have never given counsel that has hurt me, it's always led me to a better place. More details on that here

We all sin ! That doesn't mean that we have to pretend that the sin isn't wrong! 

I love you all: gays, homophobes, and all of us sinners in between :) I hope to continually be better at showing it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ward Camp-Out

Our ward goes up to Pine Valley (effie beckstrom camp-site- LOVE it!) every year and it is such a nice time! Nice and cool, perfectly manicured campsites, fun socializing. It was fun borrowing Kathryn's old minivan to help with our sleeping situation... It was alright... Not good,but not bad either!

morning walk
awesome camp setter-upper
displaying her pine-cone collection

Here's some pics from last year's camp-out too that I never posted: