Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kate- 6 months

Here's a look at Kate at around a half-a-year old.
(as I write this, Kate's almost 7 months... close enough~) 

  • She is half-rolling, half-scooting around the room. Which necessitates a thorough floor check when we set her down so she doesn't choke on random keychains that might be lurking on the floor. (we had our first chocking scare this week).
  • She is a good kisser! It is obvious that she loves to be kissed- I hope that isn't foreshadowing for her teenage years.
  • Lately you can see some serious expression on her face when I leave the room and when I come into view... she loves me :)
  • She adjusted well to baby food so far- she seems to like it all!
  • She doesn't love her car-seat all that well, she sleeps much better in her crib. Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up around 5 for a drink, then we snuggle and sleep together til 7:30ish. She's always been a good sleeper. She does short naps and has to nurse to sleep most of the time, but we feel rested!
  • In the past week, she went from tolerating the jumper to, like wanting to marry it. She gets so giggly and energetic in that now that she fits just right and figured out how much fun it is to jump!
  • She loves her sister Abby! I don't know how she can get away with all the roughhousing she does with her, but Kate is almost always happy to see her big sister. And, her dad- she gets all jumpy when he smiles at her. 

It seems like we've had Kate for longer than 6 months- I'm excited for all the time we have with her ahead of us. We love her to pieces!

Monday, August 26, 2013

hirschi reunion

We redid our reunion last year cuz it was so fun! Huntsville is just too perfect.

little kate and dallin
just chillin
this kiddos need a spouse. they are too much fun to keep all to themselves :)
what up uncle dave?!
abby got really into these water babies. 
here she is "nursing" her
It was the saddest thing ever when her baby popped- she didnt know what to think!
the brothers and sisters and spouses
We were in charge of a breakfast and I thought it rocked if I do say so myself ;) We had a yogurt bar with fresh fruit, granola, flax, grapenuts... they were way yummy! Then the most ingenious way to do omelettes is to crack your eggs into a quart ziplock freezer bag, put your toppings in, and then boil in a big pot! Clean, easy, and can't burn! We also got crossiants at the new and improved smith's at the bottom of hte canyon. I have to say I enjoyed my shopping experience there very much :)
Abby and Heidi enjoying their "rogurt"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We held the Woodbury reunion up in Eden (ogden canyon, ut) this year. Our first day, we ate lunch, I took a bath, and then we went to the pool! Kate loved splashing (before she fell asleep), and Abby got brave and swam without us holding her (in her life-jacket, still). We stayed up late talking on the patio while the boys played pool.
treasure hunt
Abby loved her Pincess crown and shoes!
Everyone wanted to hold Kate! 
Bubble snakes

It took lots of tries to capture one with Abby saying chaeese, AND looking at the camera.

Grandma Berry and her walking buddies
For Grant's birthday, we made ice-cream in ziplock baggies. I thought it was way cool and fun! This picture shows all smiles, but there was quite an upset about the work involved to get to the treat. 
This was the coolest park in Huntsville!