Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We really lived it up this 4th of July. Parade, breakfast, swimming, barbeque. The end!
Third time's a charm. We've tried twice to come out to a parade, and end up getting out of the house too late and missing it. But not this time! We made it with like 10 minutes to spare.

Although you wouldn't guess from the photo, Abby loved Cannon's monkey chair.  

Here's Abigail copying "kalamity's" dance moves. She got pretty excited when I told her she should get up and dance. 

Abby caught on pretty quick to the candy gathering. 
Afterward, we ate breakfast at Kneaders-  (all the patiotic holiday's they do buy one smoothie, get the same free) 
That afternoon we invited Josh's parents to the pool with us and then we grilled hot dogs :) Gotta love summer! Driving into our neighborhood with all the flags, I reflected on how different our lives would be if it weren't for the brave people ahead of us to sacrifice and make this country what it is today.