Sunday, June 23, 2013

oh ps- I'm a brunette now :)

So- it's a fun change. I'm liking it for now! It didn't occur to me that I would need two boxes of dye, therefore I ran out and I have accidental highlights. It's a semi-permanent, so it'll be going through various shades as it fades and I hope there's one that I like that'll be less maintenance than my blonde!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Debenham Reunion in Newport

Here's baby Kate on the beach the first night we got there. The drive wasn't bad! We were anxious to stretch out and relax on the beach though! Abby couldn't wait to get her swimsuit on.

I was so excited to go on this trip! I found this little swimsuit at target online for 13 bucks- I thought it was way cute. Oh how grateful I am for online shopping... and banking. and blogging. and pinterest. Life as a parent is so much easier than I can imagine it would be without those huge conveniences.

My friend Chrissy recommended renting these bikes on Balboa island and that made the trip for me! We seriously had so much fun riding along the shore, lookin at all the adorable houses and enjoying the beautiful sunshine!
We got way too close to running-over a 10-year old kid though, and for that, I am sorry. It scared us all pretty good- it coulda been bad! We'd just decided to go full speed ahead, and the kid turned in front of us and the brakes on this thing are not the greatest, but we stopped just in time. whew! It was a blast!

Then we rode the $1 ferry and got frozen bananas and Balboa bars.

 We fit a total of 10 people on 1 bike, including the babies!

The BFF's. Theyy seriously love eachother. 

Smash ball? I think that's the name of that game. The boys loved it!

Dinner at Spoons. Lobster enchiladas were sooo yuumy! It was fun to chat with the Blakester and catch up with all my cousins.

After lunch and Ruby's, we had a few minutes at the beach. It wasn't the relaxing beach I had in mind - the beaches were so crowded over memorial day weekend. Plus, I'd forgotten how friendly Abby is and that she doesn't have boundaries yet, so I ended up chasing her around. Thankfully, we had some time Monday to go back and I got a little relaxing in, thanks to the doug and lollie clan!
I didn't get a group shot. Stupid, stupid! I thought I'd be able to steal someone's... Hopefully I'll track
one down and post it here soon,' cause that's what it's all about! Family! Isn't it about time... together?

(great) Uncle Doug playing the drums with Abby's feet. She thought that was the funniest thing ever! She giggled  to her heart's content.