Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother's Day Hike

We started a tradition last year to take a hike with my mom mother's day weekend- we do a really short "nature-walk". I think this one is called secret falls? Right off of wasatch blvd. Glad we got to fit it in before my dad had to take off to europe or wherever! We had a really nice 1st salt lake trip with kate- The weather was beautiful!

We got to skype my little brother who is serving a mission in Manchester, England. His emails are so neat- he is growing up so much and is having so many amazing experiences- it blows my mind. It's weird- we are way closer than we were before he left. Yay for missions!

We took a few pictures of abby in her new dress. It made it about 10 steps into church before she trashed it and the dress started falling apart. Abby's one intense, crazy toddler!  Intensely cute :)

Oh- one last pic from our time up there...

Abby shoots, she scores!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

kate can sit!

in a bumbo, at least! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

smiles and "jumpin' now"

Her 1st cute smile we captured on camera. She's a smiley baby!
Uncle Blake came for a visit and got to meet kate for the first time. He loves his nieces and they love him!

We found this pool at yard sale for a buck! (I've been meaning to post my addiction to yard sales, by the way... )  For the first few days she wanted to play in it every single day, first thing when she got out of bed."Jumpin' now" is the phrase she uses as she's playing in the "poo".  
It's quite a feat to keep any clothes on this girl with this thing around. Glad she's enjoying it so much :)