Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kate's Blessing Day

Ready to head over to church!

Grammy and "papa" came down to be here for it.

Kate was great- as usual! She's a really easy-tempered girl during the day. Josh did a nice job and it was really fun to have so many loved loved ones there to support us. Abby had so many friends to sit with- and it felt GLORIOUS to just sit and relax through the meeting rather than fighting to keep her in our bench.

The testimony meeting was extra good. It'd been a while since I'd born my testimony in that setting, but I ended up going up... I couldn't help it. The spirit was so strong! 

I just like this look from kate. 
We served an assortment of sandwiches at our place after church. It seemed to be a hit!
Especially the make your-own -panini station.
It was a beautiful day.


Easter landed on my birthday this year. I love it when that happens. Instant, fun springtime party!

Abby scouting out the egg hunting scene.
Abby get to go to 2 "practice" egg hunts, so she knew what she was doing by the time the  official Easter Egg Hunt arrived. At our ward's Spring Fling, she saw a huge field full of eggs and squealed "keen up!" (clean up all the eggs!) I love how she says "aig". They are her new favorite thing.

Kathryn made sure the day was special and Christ-centered. I thought these were a really cute idea.

Baby Kate saying Thank you to her Aunt Kathryn for hosting such a nice party!
It'd been a while since I had a cake with all the right amount of candles for me to blow out! Kathryn asked me a few times what I wanted for my birthday dessert, and I told her with all sincerity, if it has sugar in it- I will love it. She wanted to make something I Really like though, and so I finally thought of fruit pizza.
MMMmmm... MMMnnn mmmmMMM! It was So--- Delicious.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tax Season

Josh has been busy the last couple months. We wish he could hang out with us all the time,  but we've been having fun with out him! Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to while he's out bringing home some bacon.
Putting Abby to sleep. Kate usually wants to be held at that time, so sometimes she'll come and join us for bedtime stories.   Abby and I have just about memorized "Night Night, Little Pookie". She's grown up so much since Kate's been born. She will request a song after her story and prayer. I love to hear her say "nigh-nigh. eye-yuv-you" before I shut her door.
Abby loves her play-dough and paint.
...and to COLOR!
Abby thinks she's a big girl on her bike. She will often say "fast!" when she wants to go riding in the street. Our nieghbors are so sweet to let her play with them sometimes. 
Kate- all snuggly after her bath.
The view from the front window.
Apparently puppets need shoes too! 
Quick story: I was sitting on the couch nursing, and Abby marches past me saying "1,3,4,5 tie-mout!", she set the cars down in her room and closed the door. Then she came to me and said "hit". Shes more lenient than I am... I only giver her to 3!

Kate Loves this sling my friend Chrissy made for me! I do too- I really don't know what i'd do without it! She'll drift off to sleep as I unload the dishwasher.
We had to document the 1st time she scraped her knee falling off her bike.

When my mom was down here to help with Kate, she got Abby all dressed up and had a little photo-shoot. The pictures they took in Snow Canyon don't want to load, but here was a cute one too!