Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Here are some pics from Kate's newborn shoot- they* had some many fun props and wanted to try them out on a toddler too so Abby got to join in the fun.
*When I say "they"- it was a team of 3 creative women that I got lucky enough to be a "practice participant" for... I know- it looks like I got one of the best photographers in the area to take these. I think I did ;) Thanks Kathryn, Josie, and Staci!

As for the REAL Valentine's Day...Since it's during tax season, we decided to use some of his lunch time for a date out... we went to Olive Garden (giftcard I won at work finally got enjoyed)... Then that night I set up our guest room with candles and rose pedals and looked up some fun topics to chat about on pinterest. We went to bed kinda early over on the other side of the house! (Felt kinda like a night away since I'd packed a suitcase- Josh was suprised that we liked it so much) Here's pictures from lunch:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

a peek...

at a cute little baby

Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Kate is Here!

Yes, this is me on the way in to the hospital to have a baby! No, I am not is labor. ;) Dr. Chalmers asked me if I wanted to induce labor, and the 1st week I said no- then the following week I went to my appointment that I didn't think I'd make it to (since I was totally going to have the baby before then) and when he mentioned inducing again, I asked a little bit more about it. As he was describing how it would go and how I'd be a good candidate for it, I got a nice peaceful feeling  that my pregnancy would soon be over. I made an appointment for Saturday morning just in case we decided to go for it.

They called us at 8am- Abby hadn't woken yet, so I was still sleeping too :) I answered, trying to pretend like I'd not just woken up, and told them we'll be over as soon as we dropped Abby off at Grandma's! We arrived about 9:30 am.
I got so excited that we'd be seeing our little girl so soon that I told Josh to pull out the camera. I got a little emotional knowing what it'll be like to hold her and Josh snapped the picture anyway- "to remember the moment". 
Fast forward a few hours... Here she is!
I was progressing pretty well with the minimum dose of pitocin and having the doc break my water (what a weird feeling- I pictured it being painful but it wasn't). I got the epidural when my pain-scale was at a 5 or 6- yucky, but doable for the time being. It stayed at a 5, then a 4ish for like 15 minutes and then we tried to adjust it to get it down a lirrle- this is where I think it may have gotten into my bloodstream somehow... Sadly my memory from here is kinda foggy! I do remember being at a 2 and telling Josh this was doable- I could totally move my legs and it was just pretty uncomfortable when the contraction came. I was REALLY sleepy and I remember the nurse and anesthesiologist messing with my dose and then the pain was totally gone. Looking back, I wish I would've just gotten the epidural started right away (now that I know my labor should be pretty fast in the future... why wait if I know i'm too much of a wimp to do it all-natural?). Then   we can hopefully fine-tune it slowly so I stay between a 1 and a 3 on the pain-scale. That'd be ideal, but apparently epidurals are pretty complicated to get just right. Maybe with baby number 6 or 7 I'll be brave enough to get through the horror of child-birth all on my own!

Anyway, continuing on... I'm just super tired and experiencing no pain, and I'm dilated to a 6... We're all thinking it'll be another couple of hours til Kate comes... Our sweet nurse, Diane, pointed out how her heart rate dipped with my contractions on the monitor and they were worth watching, but nothing to be worried about.

Josh and I both notice the monitor isn't tracking the heart in a nice curvy line anymore, but it just shows sporadic dots really high and low on the chart. Josh and I look at eachother with tears in our eyes, knowing that can't be good!  Our nurse comes in, super alarmed, yelling out for the dr. right away. Within seconds there's 5 nurses and my doctor in the room and they check me and I'm at a 10! They have me push right then and within a couple of minutes- out she came!

She was super skinny and covered in white slime, but I reached out for her and just loved her. That medication situation   was really too bad- I felt so dizzy and a little confused. I somehow got her latched on though and she nursed pretty well! As they were taking me up to our room I cried a little in disappointment that I just felt so dizzy and weird. The epidural took 7 hours to wear off!
We  had a very pleasant surprise though! I was seriously HEARTBROKEN when mom after mom told me how their own kids weren't allowed to come visit at our hospital because of the RSV flu-season risk policy. I didn't want to accept it, but did, and that day I heard about how the RSV hadn't been bad enough this year to ban all cute little kids, just sick little kids, so Abby got to meet her baby sister on day 1!
I didn't know how she'd react to this baby that stole her mom and dad away, but she LOveS her! It was really cute when she ran in, she excitedly said "Beebee!" and somehow communicated to us she wanted to hold her- it sounded something like "hoedoh". She was really sweet and excited, but obviously a little on the rough side. 
Happy family of 4!
Did I mention that Abby seems gigantic now?
I feel so lucky to have the camera we do- my mom caught so many sweet pictures of us girls. 
Mom and Abby came by before church Sunday, all dolled up.
Josh was so sweet to sleep on the couch-bed thing they have in the mom-baby rooms.The food there makes up for the discomfort in sleeping- we love the food at our hospital! Pork carnita tacos, chocolate shake, athenian gyro, and the pear crisp were among my favorites on our 2 day stay there. I love being so taken care of there :)

More details about our tiny Kate to come!