Saturday, January 26, 2013


I don't know exactly why I'm so convinced that this baby is coming early. I'd put in my guess that she'd be 2 weeks before her due date of Feb 4th. 2 weeks came and went. Monday will be 1 more week til she's due, but it seems like every day  this month I've woken up feeling like today's the day. I've had a list of things I wanted to have done before the baby came, and we're at the end of it. It's a Saturday and I'm not sure what to do with myself!
  • I've packed my hospital bag.
  • I got my FMLA paperwork started. And finished.
  • I arranged some plans for Abby's babysitters. 2 weeks later I finally got a schedule printed out for how to handle this terribly cute 2 year-old.
  • Baby Kate has a couple of borrowed bassinets to choose from, a swing, and some new diapers. Everything else we have... I think?
  • I got to teach my young women's lesson.
  • We had Abby's play-dough birthday party.
  • We got my retainer fixed, Abby's 2-year check-up, Josh's toenail surgery, Josh's dermatologist check-up, and a surprise visit to the ER all out of the way. Oh, and my hair appointment too :)
  • We got to follow through with our fun plans of hosting a cousin's sleepover for Dustin and Kathryn's kids while they went on a post-Christmas date.
  • I got caught up on the house cleaning (with the help of my newly hired cleaners!)
  • Our house is officially ready for family to come. We've been trying to get local TV stations to work on our TV, and today we finally got 18 stations! woo woo!  Guest beds are made. Spare house-keys have been cut.
  • I keep trying to keep up with Abby's laundry so she'll have a clean outfit or two for her sitters... (eternal work in progress.) It made me realize I should break down and buy some clothes that fit her. I ordered some online with our Kohl's cash... Can't wait til they come!
I wish I didn't know I'm dilated to a 3 so I could just plan on her coming in about a week. Everyone at work is so surprised to see me everyday... Every night going home it's the same story- "Well, I hope I don't see you tomorrow! For your sake, of course," they say...

K- I'm going to choose to enjoy every last minute of life as I know it. I'll know when baby Kate is really ready.

We just got back from our stake conference at church, and I loved this lady's theme of being content with where you're at. Being a mom of 1 is a great place to be :)

My friend invited me to a photo shoot for her maxi skirts, and this is one of the pics from it- If you're in the market for a cute new skirt/dress, check out Urban Stitch on facebook! Abby LOVES her's so much- she wants to wear it like every single day.


While we were visiting my parents in Salt Lake for Christmas, Abby had her first experience playing in the snow! She loved it. We went out 3 different times in the 5 days we got to spend up there.

Grammy Mona could just squeeze her all day long. 

We got to use my grandparents tickets to the Utah Symphony Christmas Concert. It was fun to be downtown- this is us before we took off by our tree the boys cut down from the front yard. The tree was getting too big for the space out there--  it was beyond huge for the living room as well!
We went sledding the backyard the morning we left to come back home. We all had sooo much fun- Glad we could squeeze it in! I had a hard time adjusting to life down here for a few days after our fun  Christmas vacation. I missed my family!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

family pics

We took our first-ever professional family pics just in time to get some first-ever Christmas cards out. Our friend, Kasia Palmer, was our awesome photographer and I was soo happy with how they turned out. I was trying to wait until my belly was a substantial baby-belly size, and by the time we got some details worked out, a lot of the scenery I was hoping for was kinda dead. But what we found that day for backgrounds was awesome! Andy (her hubby) helped so much in getting Abby to smile, and the perhaps best part was that she kept her bow in! 

My friend, Chrissy, designed our cards for us- I love her style! She prints on sturdy, pretty paper- her website is :) I was glad we got some cards out this year- I loved getting and reading everyone's cards sent to us! I *may* still have them hanging up inside our pantry door. 

I loved Christmas so much this year! I left my camera at my parent's in Salt Lake, so I'll be camera-less til next week when my grandpa comes to visit. I'd blog about Christmas, but we'll just have to wait. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas too!