Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Girls

I'd been itching to make gingerbread cookies all month long, and little did I know, it would be such a perfect activity for 2 year-olds!

Abby and Kaya both loved rolling and cutting the cookies!
And eating them of course!

Afterwards, they thought it's be fun to jump on the bed! 

Thanksgiving 2012

It was so nice and warm that we ate outside at Josh's parents'. 

Ready for food! We brought the mashed potatoes- (I'd never made them before), the peas, and apple pies! 

Afterwards we took some family pictures by the Green Springs golf course.

Here's abby going "pawie". We gotta be ready at a moment's notice or else we get some wet pants. We had a rough potty day that day. Good thing she's so dang cute to even out the frustrations of potty training and tantrums. She refused to get in the car to some to grandma's and then loved being there, of course. I gotta mention how in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, we look over to see Abby with her pants down, peeing on the lawn! Oh goodness...
Here's a shot of the growin belly!
Kinda looks like I have to go potty too :)
We played out at the sand dunes with the cousins the next day.

Then we got to go swimming! I went down a little kiddy slide and bruised my tailbone pretty bad. So- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED- the volcano slide at the community center is not made for adults! It's almost healed now--- like 3 weeks later!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Goodies From the Last Couple Months

This is me at the World Senior Games- I convinced my dad's video production company to do a booth at the Dixie center - we showcased a few of the "life stories/ living journals" they'd produced. They do such an awesome job- I hope it starts the ball rollin for them, and that they'll be able to do more of these for people! I LOVE the one they did for my grandma. click to watch her video.   It makes a great gift if you know of anyone that wants to spend some $ on something really special! 
It was really fun to have my dad come visit for a few days. He got to spend some good quality time with us and got to see Abby's growing personality. 
Abigail likes to help momma wash the car.
It's cooled down to where we can't wash it in short sleeves usually- but we're still washing the car out in the sunshine and it's not too cold lately! Boy I love St. George...
 mmm... soap suds- yummy :)
We've had some EARLY mornings, so we've been known to pop in a veggietales movie and snuggle up.
Have you ever read any of the Little Pookie books? Abby loves them! I love them too.
Here's Abigail, all ready for bed.
Josh turned 30! I don't know how well you can see this, but I thought I was pretty clever with this bday present- "eye"(peeking thru the glasses), heart, U! The duct tape on his current pair wasn't going to last long-term- so I got a few pairs for him and let him try them on so we can get him some new ones. I had to work on his birthday, so after a cafe rio lunch brought to the park (which was preceded by a pumpkin french toast breakfast), I left this on the counter.  Since we'd doubled my hours at Allconnect in October, we don't have much time together (I come home at 10 every night), but we were able to make a little getaway in Las Vegas- a month late celebration, but it was great!
Here we are CHEESE-ing it up at the Dixie State Homecoming football game. I  loved those college days and 've wanted to go to some college activities since we've been married, and we made it happen this year!
Here's Abby just hanging out, watching some Cailou.
Hope your Christmas Season is off to a good start! Hopefully I'll get to posting something more Chritmas-y soon!