Sunday, November 25, 2012

Abby and Friends

Is this not the cutest little girl picture you've ever seen? Abby loves this swing Daddy  put up for her on the back patio (he got it in brazil- cool huh?) She loved having Sofie and Katie swing with her! 
When Mckay showed up at our house one day, Abby couldn't help but immediately hug him. And hug him, and hug him. Who could blame her? He's a handsome little dude- plus, they were wearing matching sweatsuits that day!

She made a new friend in our ward- Lyndie. They hit it off right away, but  midway through this trail, they got a case of jealousy and both wanted to be the only one that was holding Lyndie's mommy's hand. We ended up having the girls swap the stroller they rode in and that pacified them. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A is for Avonlea

Lindsey is having her first baby girl just a few weeks before our little girl is due. So fun! It was shower time this past weekend, and I LOVED this theme. On the invites we put "one request we hope won't be too hard, bring a BOOK instead of a card." 
Alisa made this cute book garland.
Hanging books made out of tissue paper and cereal boxes! 
Abby kept saying CHEESE as I was taking pics of the decor, so I had to get a few of her too :)
Lindsey made this amazing book wreath, and the banners'll be hanging in sweet Avonlea's room- made by an aunt of her's. Both soooo cute, huh?
I thought this hot chocolate bar was adorable! My thinking was that you curl up with a book and need a steamy mug of hot chocolate to go with it... But this Saturday happened to be a typical St. George November day complete with sunshine and no-jacket weather...
The name Avonlea comes from the Anne of Avonlea series of books- Linds had  a good collection of them! I'd been wanting this shelf to get put up for like 6 weeks... But we finally had a deadline, and so we got it done!!!
I love baby showers! And I especially love Lindsey :)  So glad she'll be joining the mom club, and so glad our daughters'll be so close. 

Well America,

It's been nice knowing ya.

These years ahead of us will have some change indeed!

Sad news last night. We'll move forward best we can though, right? I am so very behind on my blog, so please pardon the bombardment of posts tonight!


Scarecrow, Dorothy, and the Tin Man. 

 Abby's costume was meant to be. I found her dress at a yard sale for a buck, and thought I'd be able to find some ruby red slippers eventually. Lo and behold about 2 months later at another yard sale, (one I almost didn't stop at) there they were in her size! They had them packed up to go to D.I. 

I had been warned that my scarecrow stuffings would be itchy- which was very accurate :( I was surprised that josh was wiling to go more all-out on his tin... we ran out of time though!

I was making some returns at Walmart, and Abby needed to make a phone call, I guess!
And I am loving this singing time we get to do every Monday! Here is little Dorothy with some of her fellow singing time kiddos.