Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is it with toddlers and hating clothes?

It's been cold outside in the mornings, so if we go out, I've got my sweatshirt, pants, and shoes on (of course). Abby likes to run out with no shoes or pants, but she strongly prefers her jammy top and diaper. The diaper will eventually come off several times each morning, even out in our front yard in the cold... Crazy girl!

As you can see- she loves her bath-time! (the one time her preferred outfit is
preferred by her mama too)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Takin' out the ol' Boat

We took the boat out to Sand Hollow on Friday. I hadn't been on it in over a year til just recently, and it's been fun!
Abby's 1st time holding a fishing pole
Out of our 3 fisherman, we caught 4 fish this time!
She was really scared last time we took her out a few weeks ago, but this time she remembered how much fun she had, so she wanted to jump in almost the whole time. 
Annie pulling her dad and brother's in.
This is my nephew Jack. He is the most fearless kid I can think of- he finds swinging from his parent's chandelier fun, and has even broken a few bones from his climbing habits. For some reason he is TERRIFIED of the lake water and he happened to fall in twice this trip. It was almost funny to see this tough guy get such a look of terror in his eyes. What a cutie. 

Grandpa and the girls.