Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time-outs and "the nap whisperer"

We've been implementing a time-out for a few months now. We have her stand facing the corner for about a minute and then sternly tell her why she was in time-out and then we let her go play. She seems to understand a little what's going on... but problem is, she seems to like it for some reason!

Josh was watching Abby while I was at work one day and he told her "if you hit Daddy again, you go in Time Out". She got up right then (not even giving herself a chance to hit him again) and faced her corner and just stared at the wall til Dad came and got her. She's almost always smiling when she turns around. What the heck?!

Nap-times look like this lately...

just hangin out on the outskirts of her bed
then she'll finally fall asleep!
So some of you may know that Abby doesn't like to stay in her crib, so we figured since she's going to climb right out anyway, might as well convert to the toddler bed. This way, when she gets out, she can play in her room til she gets tired enough to crawl back in and go to sleep.

We tried a week of that, and NO NAPS. I was getting desperate, and luckily I tried this lovely technique and she naps pretty easily most days. I actually decided to blog about this right now (even though it's kinda "old news"), because we're having a rough day going to sleep this afternoon. I'm finding I have to be totally consistent everyday!

"The Nap Whisperer..."

1) Keep to the tired window (right now it's 12:30-1pm) otherwise it's WAY harder.

2) Give her a cup of milk and rock her, and lay her in bed with her blankies (which, bytheway, she loves all day now, but we always have her throw it in her crib so she looks forward to going to bed).

3)Watch on the monitor for her to step out of the bed. As soon as she does, I grab her, no eye contact, and put her back in.
***I did this about 10 times one day and had heard that you have to keep going until they fall asleep, otherwise, they learn that eventually you give in... That sounded so exhausting- seeing that Abby didn't seem to be getting any closer to wanting to stay in her crib. So, my trick was that I had to make me coming in as unpleasant as possible (Sad). I made sure when I picked her up that she wouldn't find that fun or nice in anyway, but I'd lay her down and hold her firmly on the bed til she let out a little pout and then leave without saying anything and close the door. (I really hate doing it, but we-gotta-do-what-we-gotta-do to get that needed toddler sleep!)
Repeat this until she finally falls asleep!

If I remember right, it took about an hour and a half the first day, less than an hour the second, and within a few days, we'd only have to put her back in once or twice and she just plays in there til she falls asleep. YAY!

Today I put her down after 1:00 and didn't watch the monitor at all (don't usually need to, lately) and I paid for it. Once I realized she'd been playing out of her crib, I tried to put her down and it reminded me of our first day. Long, sad process- eventually I took her out, put her in a time-out and took her for a ride in the car! She was dozing within a couple of minutes (until we passed some cows in our neighborhood, which perked her up- "oooh!" she exclaimed, and then she was out a minute or two later.)

Feel free to share any thoughts with this new(ish) momma!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pear Sauce

I show this picture twice because I did fill up 2 of these "sleds" full of a total of about 50 lbs of pears. My friend Ashley told me they were selling at a lady's house a few minutes away from me and that they were so tasty and only $0.44/lb. I looked for boxes around my house to bring em home in, and this is what I could find!
 This is cute Abby the day I said* I was starting my pear excursion... we got distracted and went for a walk instead and got soaked to the bone from a flash rainstorm. *I kept putting off starting anything with these. I'm new to preserving fruit and I was intimidated for sure.

I show this picture 3 times because we'd ate a bunch of the "fruits of our labors" by the time I thought that I may want a pic! But from left to right we have Pear Juice, Pear Sauce, and Dried Pear Slices. This is about what we got out of a lot of hours of work. 7 cans and 3-4 bags. I love the sauce and the dried pears about the same, and the pear juice was a biproduct we might as well use :)

Luckily I had some good helpers that made the whole thing a really fun experience. My mom-in-law came over (3 different times, I think) and helped peel and let me use all her supplies; and Ashley and her family of 4 came and had a sleepover Friday night! It was super fun! We put the kids to bed and made pear sauce til we were exhausted. The men ran to Walmart to get a strainer and came home with lots of candy and popcorn :)

Note- I cheated and dated this posting closer to the time we actually did it!