Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Abby's going to be a big sister...

to a little sister!

We are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby girl in February!

 Lately I have logged in to update my blog and share the news... and then gotten distracted by all of your "what-ya-been-up-to's" on your blogs! So yeah- it's about time! I'm trying to locate the little "baby-ticker" thing I used last time on my blog- it was a pink silhouette momma that counted down the days for me. Anyone know the site for that one? If I had it up, it would say 17 weeks.

While we were in Brian Head we were in charge of minute-to-win-it games and so I had 2 teams race to put together this puzzle...

I've been feeling pretty well lately! I was more nauseous than with Abby for the first trimester, so we thought it must be a boy. We were stoked to find that we'll have 2 little girly buddies together.
Next time I get pregnant I will need to get prepared with 2 things though...

Get my teeth cleaned

And stock on some delicious Code Red and perhaps Dr. Pepper.

Oxymoron? Yeah, but they both will help with some weird symptoms I've been having. My gums randomly got super-swollen and would bleed and throb. So annoying! Apparently pregnancy gingivitis is kindof common, and it can be avoided by having your teeth nice and clean.

And I get migraine headaches when I'm pregnant! Dr. says all I can take is "Tylanol and a coke". I had one on Sunday morning and was in tears it was so painful. We didn't have any caffeine in the house but Josh got me stocked up for the rest of the pregnancy. I like that my "medicine" is a super sugary and oh-so-flavorful concoction. And I love that it actually helps.

Abby is loving babies lately so I think she is going to be an excellent big sister!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Say "sheese".

One day I pulled out my phone to take a picture of Abby to text my mom and she tilted her head and said "Sheese"- I wish I could spell it in a way that would portray it's cuteness, but just trust me- it's cute :) Abby doesn't usually just say new words so it totally caught me by surprise.

Here are a few times where she has gotten all dressed up for me to snap some pics of her. 
In daddy's work shirt
All ready for church
Trying on all 8 pairs of diaper covers she has to go with her her dresses.
She is obsessed with my mascara! Leave her alone with any way to reach it- and this is what we get. Pretty... (scary!)
And then just a little more of what she's been up to lately:

We loved going to the library for our first time! She was actually pretty quiet for the first 20 minutes or so. She loved the puzzles they had out on a table just her size. We got some board books for her, and I was headed to check out some Baby Einstein for her and she spotted an owl on the bulletin board. Just a paper cutout one, but it caught her eye and she ran toward it and she yelled- "WASSAT?" giggle... "Wassat, wasssat?" Pointing and jumping. She loves animals.
Here she is with her books, enthralled watching Baby Einstein. She LOVES it. 
We've loved these blocks! Josh encouraged me to play with her more one day and I have been obsessed with  these blocks ever since! 
I love watching her try to figure out how to get them to fit on eachother and balance etc. It's super rewarding in some strange way. Thanks honey for the encouragement. And thanks Abby for being so much fun to play with!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

2 of 4 reunions

Here are some fun memories from 2 of the 4 reunions we had in the last 6ish weeks. I have grown accustomed to people planning my meals and then feeding me and having lots of entertainment at my disposal-  I'm beginning to prefer that way of life...

Reunion number 1:
Woodbury Reunion (Josh's parents and siblings) held in Brian Head. Dustin and Kathryn rented a cabin for all of July and they just lived up there (smart) and we joined them for a weekend.
We got some fun family photos...
We enjoyed making and playing with "Gack"...

Jumping on the "tramp", aka hide-a-bed, only for a second though before I thought of being a responsible mother and then told them not to jump on the bed...
 The boys woke up early and went fishing...
The grandkids watched a movie...
And got to go on a treasure hunt...

We also made jewelry, played cards, and had a few "minute to win it" games.

Abby perfected the art of climbing out of her crib up here and decided that sleep was totally over-rated when there were so many other things she could do up there. Made for a Rough night. What do ya do?

(Reunion Number 2 will have a post of it's own at a later date.)

Reunion number 3:

Hirschi reunion was up in one of my new favorite places on earth... Huntsville! It's actually where one of my best buddies (Lindsey Christensen) is from- up Ogden canyon- it's beautiful, so peaceful... We camped at a campsite on the lake and just had a blast hiking, talking, boating, playing games and eating! My camera died up there so enjoy the few pics I got before it entered it's rest...
 Abby's cute sandy bum... That's another Jennica holding her hand- she married into the fam and now we have 2 Jennica's!

I debated on whether to go waterskiing, but I went for a nice run and I loved it! So glad I could go!

July celebrations

The few pictures I have will have to represent both holidays- they did have some similarities this year:
Both days were nice and cloudy! The 4th of July was totally a miracle 'cause the last time I remember feeling any raindrops was Alisa's baby shower- back in April... I'd been craving rain since then.

And both days Abby got to play with Kennedy and bounce in a bounce house. 1st at Vernon Werthen, 2nd at the park in Washington. We missed the parades, but we've got a game plan for next year.

Both days we ran into "doggies" and Abby about died with excitement. She LOVES animals! She bounces and squeels and can't help but pat them all over. It's always hard to say goodbye, but for some odd reason, physically saying "bye bye" and waving seems to help the process. (Like when Josh leaves for work in the morning, she doesn't ever want to let him go, but she cheers up when we get to wave him goodbye as he pulls out of the garage.)

And pretty sure that both days Mommy got a nap :)

And FYI, I use to see collages on people's blogs, and think that people bought some software to be able to do it, but I just use picasa for photo editing (free) and I think it's great.