Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waimea Falls, the Point, Honolulu

Hawaii, Last day.

We had to be out of the condo by 11, so we had some breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe, packed up and none of us where really sure what we'd do the rest of the day. We'd heard it was expensive to get into Waimea Park to see the waterfall, so we hesitated, but $15 was well worth it. It's 3/4 of a mile? walk up and there and along the way there is so much to see! They've labeled all the cool plants and there are many species of plants that only live in this little canyon.

This was a favorite memory for all of us. We were pulling out of the park and someone noticed a gigantic mango tree with tons of ripe fruit! We spent over an hour trying to knock down as much sweet, fresh mango as our tummys could hold. The boys really got into it, throwing rocks up toward the perfect branch.

Us girlees loved snatching them up and eating them!

Pali Lookout.
Dude- no joke- you can throw something off the cliff and it comes flying back at you! Pretty crazy wind!


We ate dinner at Duke's. MMMM... Delish!
Last footsteps in the sand for now...

Surf and PCC

Hawaii, Day 5.
I'm totally POSING- 'cause no, I did not get up on this lovely borrowed surfboard. The waves were tiny, and it takes some natural athleticism and/or experience to get up on tiny waves. Neither of which I had. Fun to kinda try though!

 We ate lunch at one of the shrimp shacks on the side of the road and I was in Heaven! I loved it! That afternoon we headed to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Had I known how cool it was, I wish we would've planned an entire day there!

Here we are!

Canoe ride through "Tonga".
On our way to the Laua.
This is actually when I found out about my Grandma Hobson passing away. We knew it was coming, but I guess if you need to hear the news- might as well be in Paradise... Sure do miss her.

I was really excited about the show they do there every night, but I actually thought the villages were more interesting to me than the show. Don't get me wrong, the show was very well-done, but there was just so much to see and not enough time to check it all out. Next time we'll just pay for admission and maybe the amazing luau dinner- THAT was good!

Day of Rest

Hawaii, Day 4.
After church we checked out the temple visitors center with Krissy's
 old missionary companion, Lailani. She is such a cutie! We met these cute
missionaries that day are they were way sweet.
After some relaxing, we checked out some ruins of an ancient temple that over-looks Waimea.

Heywo ;)

Then we enjoyed Sunset beach!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Temple, Pounders, Sacred falls

Hawaii, Day 3.

So, I really wanted to be able to get to the temple while we were out there. We have the worst luck about getting to the temple when they are closed, plus the babysitting isn't an issue etc... I had made it known I wanted to make it happen, and so Krissy and Aaron selflessly made it happen Saturday morning even though I think we were all longing to play on the 1st sunny morning since we'd been there! Well we got there, and we'd forgotten about Hawaiin Time- there's no rush... Our session took 3 hours and there were definitely some times where I was feeling impatient- but it made the temple experience extra symbolic and special. You go through life- not knowing why things don't go according to your timing, but once you get to the end... It was one of the most powerful experiences I've had in the temple. As I entered the celestial room I felt the Lord's loving presence hit like a big, powerful cloud :) (Nice metaphor, I know...) It was overwhelming and so special.

companions for eternity!

Next, we hit up "pounder's"- the spot to body-board.
The boys giggled like school girls each time they'd come in- they loved getting pounded!
After finally convincing Josh and Aaron that we couldn't stay out there all day, we got to go hiking! Sacred Falls experiences mudslides, and since multiple people have died there, it's closed off. There hadn't had a heavy rainfall for a while, so we figured we'd be safe. Luckily- we were, and we had such a fun time. You hike through jungle and then get to this point:
We thought the waterfall had dried up. It was a majestic site-- It's such a huge wall! You can tell that for centuries the water has carved out this "tunnel". We decided to keep going past this, and just around the corner was the real Sacred Falls. Glad we kept going!

The water was so refreshing! I loved how it made my skin feel so soft after we'd air-dried a little. This might've been one of my favorite things we did out there.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scuba Diving

Day 2.

I never thought I'd scuba dive to be honest. I hate the pressure in my ears when I go like a foot under water, it's expensive, and not something I thought really "called to me". However, Josh took an intro course in st. george and was surprised at how easy it was to equalize out the pressure and how much he liked it. When we found a deal so we could go do an introductory dive for $99- we went for it!

We loved it! It's so calm down there and so much more comfortable than I ever imagined.

Going Down!!!
Afterward we got a shaved ice at Matsumoto's. It has beans in it (yes, like black beans), and though it sounds gross- it's way delicious! We learned a valuable lesson- do not get every possible topping they offer- it will result in a sugar-load for-sure.

We shopped, got Acai bowls, hot-tubbed, ate Kulua pork at Taco Bell, and watched Lion King for the 1st time in about 10 years... Good Show!


Hawaii, Day 1.

Here's Krissy and Aaron in front of
 Kaya's store in Laie. Their 1-year-old
 daughter's name is Kaya.
We got to stay in my great Uncle Ray's condo in Turtle Bay (north shore of Oahu). All-in-all, a pretty cheap vacation when you only have to pay cleaning fees and you have an "almost-local" as a roommate and tour guide. (my cousin Krissy and her husband Aaron came with us). Krissy lived and loved BYU-hawaii for a few semesters and then-some.
We'd debated on bringing Abigail or not on this trip and were so grateful that we could just leave her behind with Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury. She didn't seem to miss us much. She had a blast, as did we... Baby Free!
This wasn't taken the 1st morning, but we came back to this fruit
 stand like 5 times. Here we are trying a dragon fruit.

After some driving around, we landed at Hanama Bay for snorkling. We ended up buying snorkling gear- (not sure how much we'll use it- so anyone's welcome to borrow our's if you get an urge to check out fish at Sand hollow or somethin!)
Our first morning there we woke up really early (4 hour time difference) and Josh and I took off in our little Aveo rental car and raced on the beach, stopped at fruit stand and  and looked around at the temple ruins above Waimea Valley. We brought home some breakfast and headed out to explore...
Hanama Bay was an amazing spot.
We got to see lots of colorful fish and relax on the great sandy beach.

This was on our way to dinner at Haleiwa Thai- a spot where all the turtles come to hang out.
See the turtle in the background?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the week of...

K- do you ever feel like a you're drowning in the busy-ness of life, just trying to keep your head above the water? That's how I've felt for the last month or so. I'm finally at a spot where things should get back to normal and I love the feeling.

1st we had the week of the shower...
My dear friend Alisa is having a baby boy, and so we had a shower at my house about a month ago for her. It was so fun to plan and prepare for it and it was worth every second of effort and then some. But, it definitely does take effort, and it is consuming!
Here are some pictures from the "April Shower" for baby Jens:

You know what? On second thought... Here's a link to the perfect post on the shower- it's already done by my my other dear friend, Lindsey. Why try to reinvent the wheel, right? She is my blogging motivator and the decorating talent.

And then there was the week of the yard. Oh my gosh. We tried to squeeze a whole summer/fall's worth of yardwork into about 10 days. Why? We're crazy. Long story short is that rates were so killer to refinance our house, that we had to do it- and since we wanted to put our backyard in eventually, we might as well finish before we go to Hawaii so that our home will appraise for more, thus getting rid of PMI. (hopefully...)

Dude! That was beyond exhausting. We woke up early and went to bed late every day; enlisting the help of various coworkers, friends, relatives, and a random guy named Miguel we found on Craigslist.
While cute, this girl was much of the reason for the exhaustion :)
And the post to come is the week of Hawaii!