Sunday, April 29, 2012

Abigail's 1st injury

Today at church I went to the mother's room to change Abby's diaper, and she bonked her head on the changing table and fell over. I picked her up and she got all red, gasping for air for 10 seconds or so and then screamed bloody murder. She actually let me change her diaper for once without squirming around and just whimpered. When I picked her up again to take her to Daddy, she cried the whole way over. Josh was going to see his friend talk in another ward, so I just handed her over, glad to have the last hour of church toddler-free.

Josh assumed that she was hungry, and so he took her home for a quick snack and noticed that her left arm sat limp and the other arm was the only one she was using. He tried a few times to gently move it and she would start crying. Josh was pretty worried that we'd dislocated her shoulder somehow and took her over to Instacare.

All the while, I'm just chilling at church, and since Josh took the car, I walked home- not a care in the world. I started making some lunch for us and when I heard my phone, I'd had 5 missed calls and 2 texts, the 1st of which caught my eye had the word instacare on there. I called Josh back and thought he was totally overreacting, but ran over there to be with them while they waited. I was way concerned too when I saw that she really was not able to move her arm without pain. Josh assumed that I had just grabbed her hard and that could've dislocated the shoulder, but it turns out that Abby had a very common thing happen to her- it's called Nurse-maid's elbow. When she fell on the ground, it popped her forearm/elbow joint out of place.  The doctor was able to fix it with a quick pop back into place. Phew! I was soooo relieved- we're going on vacation this week and I could just picture poor Abby being totally miserable the whole time and my in-laws saying they've had enough babysitting for the next year or so...

She's all better! Here she is with the sucker the doctor gave her. (They use the "sucker test" to see if she'd reach for the sucker with her left arm).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sweet experiences

This morning I was holding Abby by our fireplace and I thought I'd point to the picture of Jesus we have on the mantle. (A friend of mine had blogged about the reaction of her little one when presented with a picture of Christ--- I remember being touched by it, and wondered if Abby would do anything). 
This was her reaction:
She stared intently up at it, and did not take her eyes off the picture. I pointed and said "Jesus" and she wanted to touch it. Not like a usual "give-me-that" kindof grab, but a soft reach.  She gave her best squintee smile at the picture when I said "Jesus" again. Then she went to pat the picture. It was a special moment I don't want to forget.

Abby and I have a new bed-time game. For some reason I was prentending to eat something one time and she mimicked me- clicking her teeth with the cutest smile you could possibly imagine. So for some reason lately, as she nears the end of her sippy cup, she clicks her teeth and then waits for me to do it back. Then she giggles and does it again. She gets such joy from seeing me copy her- as do I!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A quarter of a century

A couple of my bestest buds and I all turned 25 within a few days of eachother so we joined forces and had a great party at the park! Lindsey is our decorater extrodineaire and we had some munchies and delicious cake! Towards the end of the evening the guys played some ...frisbee? football? I don't really know cause us girls got to just sit and chat about maternity pants and such :) Enjoy a few pics!