Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life with Abby

She loves to be in the driver's seat. All the time. (literally and figuratively.)
Abby kept a bow in her hair for about 30 whole minutes! This needed to be documented 'cause it has been months since this has happened.
It has been SOOO nice outside lately. Oh how I love St. George! We basically live out there for 2 main reasons. #1) Abby loves it. #2) We have a a lot of work that needs to be done to the yard. To mine and Josh's surprise, we're actually enjoying it though! I think we'll post some before and after pics here when we've made some good progress.

Feeding Daddy his favorite food... Mmm cucumbers...

Abigail and Dad are such good buddies. She is startng to really get that he is "Dadda" (so we think...) and it's so fun to hear her wanting him.

 She often gets those cute rosey cheeks. A few of her favorite things right now are:
Saying "Hiya" to everyone.
Snuggling up to anyone that looks like they could be a grandma.
Her blankie.
Anything sweet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

help wanted

Hey just thought I'd announce here that I am looking for a housecleaner for my little business. I usually start people around $8.50 an hour... If you know of a good cleaner, spread the word!

click here :) for more info

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Abby must be getting some teeth or something...

So lately, this little Angel has not really been acting her part. She wails like it's the end of the world if I have to take away the screwdriver, or the camera, or the sippy cup with yesterday's milk remnants in it. High-pitched screams. Just thought I'd keep it real here! She wants to be outside constantly, and when it's time to come inside she throws a tantrum and her arms and legs are kicking like she wants to hurt something.  She'd rather throw her food than eat it, and when she has to play inside she wants me to hold her- or at least hold what I'm holding. I'm sure it's a phase, right?

So, in lieu of the not-as-fun stuff, I thought I'd post some cute pictures of the happier moments as of late. (Sorry, I know you really wanted to see a grumpy, snotty-faced picture of abby, but we're not going there today.)

That onesie she's wearing? It had an impossible stain on it, and I'd made one of those flowers for a hair bow (she does not do bows these days...) and so I sewed the 2 flowers on there, and it made for a cute new shirt! Hopefully it washes well!

Cute little Salt Lake girl. (just a visit...)
I could not get enough of this little outfit! We were going to my little brother's Alta High School Basketball game and that skirt was the one red item that fit her. Go hawks!

This is the other favorite outfit I can't get enough of.