Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zion etc.

We hiked the (paved part) of the Narrows last Saturday.One of our best family pics so far, eh?

Abby gives hiking a "Thumbs up"

Notice the deer behind us- they were everywhere!

Kyle, Kilene, and little Eden came to join us. We're so glad they came to our ward!
We all had a great time!

The McFoodbury Family Photo
Now for the ETC... Pomegranate season is here! I am so happy about it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We finally got a chance to visit the Grandpa Woodbury's cabin in Kolob last weekend. I love everything about our trips up there.

The drive...
Crisp breeze at sunset
The eye of the needle. Josh has pointed that out to me every time we drive up to kolob and I can never find it! This was the 1st time I was ever able to pick it out.

The recreational activities...
The men brought home the bacon, I mean, fish- for us to eat with our alfredo chicken pizza Saturday night. It was weird--- I usually don't get grossed out by fish, but when they brought these bad-boys in I had an overwhelming "grossed out" sensation come over me. Hmmm... Is there a baby in my belly that's causing the change?

Cute Sophie
We were so glad that Justin and Ashley could join us so that we could destroy them in the bean bag toss :) Just kidding- they trounced us big time. We didn't stand a chance.
Katie and Abby just chillin while the grown-ups play
 And I just love the feeling of being able to let go and relax!
Last but not least, our daughter already has such a love for the scriptures! Hear is Abby
"Feasting upon the words of Christ."