Sunday, July 31, 2011

So hot...

 It has been HOT!

Abby gets very thirsty sometimes. She kicks her legs and puts out her arms hoping that I will share my refreshing water-bottle with her. I will let her hold it and this is what happens (above). Sometimes I'll pour a taste in her mouth and her eyes go wide and she tries to swallow it and most of it goes down her shirt. As soon as I pull the bottle away she scambles and pants to get it again. "more! more! please!" So cute :)

(A little late on posting) 4th of july pics... but here's Abigail with her
Grandpa Debenham who came to visit.

We went to the Washington stake breakfast at the park. We enjoyed yummy
pancakes and good-old home-town music.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

This was one of my favorite trips to the lake in all my years!

 Babies make everything better! My brother-in-law kindly wanted to set realistic expectations about bringing a baby on a lake Powell trip- "I don't think it's going to be as fun as you think it is... it's hot, not safe, small spaces, life jackets..."  Umm no. :) I always love the Lake, but bringing her just made everything more fun. She loved all the attention and change of scenery. She was happy pretty much the whole time. 'Cept for the ride home... She was probably as sad as I was about going back.

Abby eating her life jacket and Kaya looking as cute as ever! (My cousin Krissy had Kaya 5 weeks before Abigail). Best buds.
The 2 hardworking guys that made this all possible.


Grandma loves Abby! She had 2 long naps in that life jacket! Lol... So cute.

Wake Surfing.

 Josh got a chance to let out some of the Hawaii in him.

Nursing and enjoying the tranquility of a quiet lake and beautiful sunset.

My Cute Little Brothers

Let's just say it's a miracle that no on got injured this time :)