Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A wedding and a shower

My cousin Brennan got married in Las Vegas, so we decided to make a weekend getaway and used kayak.com to find an inexpensive condo. I totally think condos are the way to go! We had our own little kitchen and a fireplace and it looked like there was a lot of family-friendly things to do.  

"Blue Steel"- Baby style

This was her 1st time swimming and she had a good time.

Daddy and Abby waiting for the wedding to begin

Brenn n Em... He sang as played the guitar while she walked down the aisle. It was really cute.

 Onto the shower... My dear friend Whitney, is having her 1st baby and naming him Mckay. We threw a bow-tie themed shower and it was adorably fun!
A wise friend once told me- "It's all about the 1st impression", so we made it cute from the moment you pulled up to the clubhouse. Ok, so the wise friend is Chrissy- the event planner extraordinaire- and she made it cute by planning all the details and letting us all pull it together, together.

Menu- bowtie pasta bar. Yum!
I grew the wheatgrass and it was so easy and fun. I'm still enjoying them in my windowsill. Totally recommend it! Search for wheatgrass on makeandtakes.com and they have some simple instructions. 3 of the 12 I did didn't turn out becuase I had too much standing water in them and it grew some nasty mold, so don't do that ;)

Yay for Whit!!! love, your forever roomates.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our little life

Our little life is full of ups and downs, but here are some little peeks at our "ups" as of late!
This is perhaps my favorite picture right now. I can almost hear her giggle. And her bumbo seat reminds me of how much she is loving her rice cereal. It takes a long time to feed her but she makes it fun 'cause she totally dives for it and is very focused on that little spoon of hers.
So, remember a few posts ago how I was saying how she's in the best stage? Yup- it's still here! She can roll over onto her stomach, but she doesn't usually go very far. She can entertain herself, which is very nice for a busy mom; but she is so fun to interact with! She loves music and she's ticklish just like her momma.

Josh LOVES being a daddy!
This is what happens to onions in St. George if you let them grow for about a year. Cool, huh? We're actually still able to eat the little onions still too!
Some babies like to suck on their thumb... Abby prefers her toes. She loves to greet you with her feet up ready to give you a hug with her legs. It's so cute.
On Memorial day we took a walk in Snow Canyon. It was so funny- Josh mentioned a couple of hours before we left how much he loved his Rainbow flipflops. "It's just such a quality brand that holds up so well. I've worn these for 4 years, and I probably have another 4 years left in them" he remarked... Fast forward to 3 minutes into our walk... his flip flop broke :) After trying various methods to fix it- shoving little sticks in the hole, tying knots, and holding the broken part with his toe, he enjoyed the journey barefoot.

Allconnect made me a deal I couldn't refuse so I am loving my new schedule there! I'm very grateful to have such a good employer. Josh loves the new schedule too. He got a taste of the world of motherhood and he decided he didn't like the whole "working-all-day-and-not-seeing-any-results" scenario, but he's glad he still gets some one-on-one Abby time.

While we wish we never had any "downs", it makes the "ups" so much sweeter!