Saturday, March 26, 2011


This was my thought process one morning when Abby slept 7 hours in a row:
Hallelujah! I forgot how good it feels to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning!
...Whoa... I have a lot of milk that needs to be pumped. (walk to the kitchen, pause)
...Oh no. Abby's probably dead. I'm just going to pump and pretend she's alive so that I can enjoy the last ten minutes of life as I know it, thinking I have a beautiful, alive daughter.
...Wait! What if she's still alive enough that I can save her? Is that possible with SIDS? I better check on her.
So I rush to her nursery. She stirs and it's time to feed!

Speaking of the nursery...

For those of you that don't know, we are living in Josh's parent's house while they are serving a church education mission in Brazil. They come home in December. So, this was their office before, and it's the perfect size for a little baby room. It's connected to the master, so we've just had her sleep in there since we brought her home. And yes, that is blue carpet :) We love living here.

The crib was a very nice Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Debenham. (weird to call my parents that...) Josh used the baby monitor (sitting on the crib) at work as a surveillance camera to let them know when someone came in their office when they didn't have a secretary over the summer months. It's got night vision! So convenient.

I painted a curtain rod lime-green and hung it with ribbon- that way I get to admire her cute clothes all the time :) and use the small space we have.

Josh's uncle spotted our rocking chair at DI, and the green quilt was made by our kind older neighbors- they don't have much, but they do it for everyone that has a baby or serves a mission. They're so generous!

I can't say how often she normally wakes up at night, because there is no "normal". However, she averages only one or two feedings a night lately! Very do-able. A couple of weeks ago I'd been reading a lot about parenting her sleeping habits and I was so confused! One book says you gotta let 'em cry it out, and everywhere you turn I read how you can't spoil your baby, she needs you... I remember my 3 little brothers crying it out and it actually didn't bother me- it made sense, but I just feel like this little life is being molded by me and I want to do it right! I felt like Joseph Smith- so overwhelmed by opinions, and wondered which of them to join? So, I thought of James 1:5- "If any of ye lack wisdom, let him (or her) ask of God." so I said a little prayer and I really felt some peace and direction. I didn't have an angel appear to me, but I felt like this was important to my father in heaven and that this was the right way to go about the sleep issue for me.
She loves her arms to be up. Sometimes I find her looking like she's ready to catch a baseball, just sleeping away! Our little family is getting enough sleep (not what we used to get) but... we can't complain. Totally worth it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The grandmas

My mom and grandma (and dad) came down to visit the cutest girl they could think of last week. So much fun!

We went to this yummy greek restaurant and I've got to tell you about it. They're brand new and the food is so flavorful and fresh! They're right by Spoon Me and Stadium 10 Theatres.

 $5 Gyro @ Mad Pita Express

This (below) was the french onion soup I ordered at Painted Pony for lunch after we went for a walk in Snow Canyon. Creative presentation, eh?

We had a 4 generation girls party for a few days! We went shopping, drove to Zion, and looked at a potential house to buy, and took baby Abby "swimming" aka bathing in the kitchen sink.

 It was like a little vacation, in my favorite town in the world- home!

Now the grandmas are gone and life is back to normal. I really love being a mom.