Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On Valentines Day I was holding her in my lap while I was eating lunch and she gave me a big 'ol smile. She's smiled many times before- usually when she's letting out a big poop or having a good dream. This smile was my little Valentine gift to me though! She continued to smile for another minute or two. She gets more and more smiley-er every day.

I caught it on camera Sunday while Josh was taking his shift at church. (stupid flu-season... I'm so excited when we can both go together and show this little baby off!)
For V-day Josh reinacted the night he proposed. He didn't buy 12 dozen roses this time, he just printed out paper copies of them and taped them to the deck. He picked up Olive Garden and we ate it out there by candle-light in our coats. It was very cute. I gave him a list of 100 things I love about him. After dinner we watched the movie Josh had made to ask me to marry him. It was perfect timing to have an evening to concentrate on eachother cause babies tend to distract you from your #1. I can't really consider Abby #2- she's more like a #1.00000000000001. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


I always thought newborns were supposed to be boring. (In a way, it's true, Abby doesn't do a whole lot...) But we get a kick out of every facial expression she pulls. We love when she's sleeping on our chest- it's so sweet. Her little grumbling sounds she makes all day make me laugh. She tries so hard to get out of her "wigwam"- my family's nickname for her all swaddled-up (she sleeps way better wrapped tightly). She is pretty squirmy, and I love it when her little arms and legs stretch when she's waking up, and flail out when she's startled.

 The "wigwam"

My mom was so helpful!

 Daddy's favorite thing in the whole world.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Continue in Patience

I love these videos! They're on mormon.org, click on mormon.tv anytime you need a pick-me-up or some family home evening lesson ideas... I think I picked this video 'cause of the cute kids in it. 

Speaking of cute kids... Here's a few of my experiments with my camera I got for christmas. I tried for a couple of days in a row to capture some good ones we could frame for her room and after her peeing on the pillows, the blankets, the rug, and me- I decided to call it quits for at least a little while (til I gather a little more patience). She may not have the total newborn look when I try again, but she'll still be a really cute baby!