Friday, January 21, 2011

Abby Jane...

Life does not get any better than this! Our angel girl arrived on Saturday at 1:36 in the afternoon in the St. George hospital. She was 7 lbs, 7 oz, 20 inches long. The labor was honestly, not bad! I actually keep running it over in my mind. It's like reading a book, I get so excited when I get to my favorite part- when the doctors laid her on my chest- still purple and gooey, and I just about died of bliss. She was so beautiful- and she's mine! Josh and I couldn't have shared a more perfect moment on earth.
Her timing couldn't have been better- she came right on her due date. My whole family was able to see her within an hour of her being born, and my grandparents and Josh's brother were already in town too. I guess it would've been nice if she would've let me get some sleep in before starting actual labor, but thanks to the epidural, I was able to sleep some at the hospital.

Josh and I had just had our last normal Friday night together- we ate at Larsen's Frostop, watched a movie on our laptop, and then about 1am, I laid down to go to sleep. My contractions had been painful all day, but just when I was planning on getting some rest, they started getting regular in their timing. I packed my things and cleaned the kitchen a little since I couldn't sleep anyway, then woke up Josh.
By the time we checked in, the nurse said I was dilated to a 4. "Are you planning on getting the epidural?" they asked. I told them if labor stays like this, I can last, and I'd like to avoid the epidural if possible. The assured me that it's gonna get a lot worse. (They were right!)

So, I decided to take the next hour walking the halls and doing squats through my contractions (usually I couldn't move or talk through them, but forcing myself to squat actually seemed to relieve some of the pain!) and then I was ready for the epidural. I loved it! I was able to get some sleep (even though it made my whole body itchy...) and I was able to relax and kind of enjoy the moment.

Luckily, it didn't slow the labor down much, (with the help of pitocin of course) and slowly but surely, I continued to dilate. I started noticing pain coming back to one side though, and I told the nurse about it (all of my nurses I thought were great, except this one) and she said oh let's just give you some more juice, which just made my numb side numb-er, and the hurting side kept increasing on the pain scale. We finally put our foot down and told her to get the anesthesiologist to come fix it. Right as he arrived I was going through the worst pain I'd ever experienced, but within a minute or two, the pain went from a 10, to a 6, to a 3, and then back to that delightful "0".
About 8 hours into labor the nurse noticed the baby's heart level dropping as she'd drop farther into the birth canal. So scary. We were able to get it going again, and I got a little more rest. The next thing I know, here's my doctor telling me it's time to push! We needed to get her out as soon as possible with her heart rate worrying everyone. Everyone was calling her the drama queen- she wanted things done her way, if not, she'd show us. I pushed a few times with the help of a team of cheerleaders (nurses?) there to keep me pumped. "k, this is your last push- you're so close!" I heard them say probably 10 times. The one that got me to pop her out was when Dr. Chalmers said we'll need to do an episiotomy on the next one if she doesn't come. I gave it my all, and ended up tearing (recovery hasn't been too bad though). And that's when I got to see my perfect little angel. We just stared at each other (both crying, of course) for a moment or two.

They cleaned her up and we got right into feeding- which was so cool. I guess baby girls get a lot of adrenaline so they are able to feed pretty easily that first time. It's been a roller coaster with nursing since then, but I'm glad we know how good it is for our babies. (My grandma was saying at the time her kids were born that formula companies would send the message you were barbaric to try to breastfeed your baby- babies need more than you can give them, don't deprive them- sad she missed out on the cool experience... even though the pain sometimes is worse than a lot of my labor pains.)

We stayed at the hospital for a couple of days which I really liked. So many professionals to help with all of our questions, good food is just brought to you, it's one more day to help get you on your feet before you're on your own. My family came and visited 4 times before they headed back to Salt Lake. My dad and brother cried when they left cause they were going to miss Abby. (There's a dominant crying gene in the family. I've cried at least a couple of times every day since her birth).

It was so exciting coming home. I felt like every car was going to run into us, though! The world just looks so different now. I'm way more cautious than I've ever been. The nights were pretty rough at first, and though I'm not really getting more sleep, I'm getting used to the routine, and it's got it's perks- I get some quiet time when everyone else is asleep to just hang out with my sweet (or sometimes, fussy) baby.

"There's a few details to remember about your birth, Abby!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Cankles" for Christmas

I got one really swollen ankle on Christmas day, and one just "kinda" swollen ankle. I pushed myself a little too hard the day before and didn't get enough sleep, so I'm thinking that's what did it. It went down for the most part, but all of my shoes are much tighter than I remember.
The annual Debenham family Nerf war. 
This is one of the things I look forward to most about Christmas. Santa loves to bring guns to our house each year. I had to sit out for a while cause I had a contraction pretty much the whole time we played- still fun!
Tony and Linds had a fun New Years party for us with games and delicious food.
Look how cute they are...