Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good News for Blogging

1- We finally got our black-friday laptop!!! I love it! I think it was worth the wait. Time for some major blog catch-up.

2- I figured out how to make it easier to leave a comment here. I'd been told a few different times that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a comment to save, so it should be fixed now. Comment away :)

And- it's Christmas Eve. That's also very good news.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To-do list:

2 things that are guaranteed to help my day go smoother: 1-read scriptures in the morning 2- write down a to-do list.

Here's mine and Abby's for today:

1) Shower- this is a big day for us. It doesn't happen as often as it should, but when it does I just let Abby play at the bottom and we get clean together. She has a blast splashing and chatting as we go.

2) Breakfast- (Abby) make sure mom has to chase me around with the oatmeal spoon since she refuses to get a real high chair until we move into the new house. (Jenn) clean up oatmeal mess.

3) (Jenn) Text cleaning girls and call clients for upcoming jobs.

4) (Abby) Pull out at least 23 things from the kitchen cabinets.

5) (Jenn) Put Abby down for a nap. (Abby) pull an all-morning-er (like an all-nighter, but for the morning nap) and play with monkey in crib instead.

6) (Jenn)  Put together a basketful of things to take to Urban Renewal. ...We have a bunch of home-decor and clothing that's still "in" but just won't work at our new house. So, hopefully we'll get some good cash from it :) Last time I brought in a ton of stuff left-over from a joint yard sale and let's just say it was definitely worth the trip! ... Try to clean up the house a little.

7) Get Abby out of crib and try to be content with the little that got done during her "nap".

8) (Abby) Bang on everything in the bathroom and try to make as big of a masterpiece (mess) as possible.

9) Get in the car. (wow- who thought getting in the car could possibly be an accomplishment? It just is at this stage!)

10) (Jenn) Go to Kwal and get glaze and paint for a couple little projects at our new house! I've heard their paint is worth the little more it costs than Home Depot stuff, but is it really?

11) (Jenn) Maybe change mind about the Kwal stuff once I see the price and just go to with good old Glidden after-all.

12) Dr's office to get Abby's 6-month-shots. Yes, she is practically a year, but she had a cold the last 2 appointments and who wants to make a trip over there just to make you baby cry really hard? :( Somehow it has slipped to last priority on my daily list for the last 3 months.) We're doing it today though!

13) (Abby) Don't forget to breathe through my nose in a really cute, fast way. It's so fun! Mom and Dad think it's adorable.

14) Drop things off at Urban Renewal.

15) 3:53 pm- Swap cars with Daddy in front of his office. His turn for babysitting!

16) (Jenn) Go to work.

17) (Abby) Make sure daddy plays with me the whole time he's in charge, and then go down like a good girl for the night around 7 so that he doesn't get too exhausted to do it all over again tomorrow.

That's what we're up to today! Hope you have a good one!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandy, UT

Here are a couple last pictures from my time up visiting my family. My computer broke while I've been up here, so this my be the last post for a little while. Hopefully not, but we're pretty sure our little HP is not going to accompany me on any blog posts from here on out.  
Messy girl.
She leaves a trail wherever she goes. (usually composed of soggy, ripped pieces of paper. )

Snow on Autumn leaves. 

pink sleepover :)

Josh turned 29! (and my friend Chrissy turned 25 that day after!)
So, we celebrated.
I'm not sure how I missed the Birthday shot of Josh and Chrissy blowing out their
birthday candles, but here is the yummy Birthday Key Lime Pies. Best recipe ever
is on, just search for highest rated key lime pie!
The ugly one was Josh's cause it was more masculine. Turns out that you can't
whip cream 3 hours earlier and expect it to still be fluffy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

little geisha girl
My dad got this outfit for her before she was born in Thailand. I accidentally
cut off her little bun in this pic(I scored and found an Asian
Barbie at DI) -- that was the cutest part of the costume.

She got such a bad cold that night, poor girl. I always hesitate to wear
 costume makeup and every time I put it on, I hate it. Yuck.
We were visiting my parents in Salt Lake since Josh was gone, so here is
Mr. and Mrs. Vampire with my little geisha.

Grandpa Debenham's Masterpieces.
& one little masterpiece made by me :)

Halloween is a big deal at the Debenham House- They play creepy music so loud the whole neighborhood can hear; they get huge candy (we had over 200 trick-or-treaters this year) ... oh, but they only give it to the people that are dressed up. Teenagers with a sweatshirt and a pillowcase get a baby tootsie roll.  He he :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm in love with someone in Brazil

Josh is visiting his parents in Ciuba, Brazil. Lamar (his dad) served a mission in Brazil when he was young, and so did Josh! Of course, Josh has always dreamed of visiting there with his dad, and what better time than now?!

Here's Abigail with some Brazilian attire she got in a package from her grandma and grandpa that still haven't had the opportunity to meet her! They left in June last year and waited patiently in Provo, UT for their visas to arrive (a delayed 2-3 solid months I think it was?). They serve with the Church Educational System there and get to travel around quite a bit. They come home on December 18th- just in time for Christmas!

We can't wait to be all together again!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My Dad's side had our family reunion last weekend in Moab. Simply put...




Great Grandma

Good job, Grandpa.




And, cute.

 ... Nothing really went according to plan, but we have a special bond that glues us crazy Debenhams together forever! I like it that way. I'm looking forward to the next reunion already.

Swiss Days

We tried a couple times to get a picture of us there, but Abby kept squirming around because she was so scared of the wind-guy thing flapping on top of the SnoShack. She was pretty terrified :) What a cutie.

We came to see Dean (friend of josh's parents) perform, and on his 1st song he called Josh up on the stage to play ... that thing.... (not sure what to call that lovely instrument). We had a good time enjoying the shopping and festivities.

And here's an awesome photo to remember the humbling thing that happened to me a couple weeks ago. I went to grab Abby out of her crib and whipped my hair back to get it out of "grabbing reach", when I heard a crack. For the next 2 days I literally couldn't move or relax my head without pain, and my neck became more and more off-center. This picture I am actually trying to look straight, but it seriously was impossible to straighten it. After a couple of chiropractors, we got me fixed. Whew! I'm so grateful for a healthy working body!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zion etc.

We hiked the (paved part) of the Narrows last Saturday.One of our best family pics so far, eh?

Abby gives hiking a "Thumbs up"

Notice the deer behind us- they were everywhere!

Kyle, Kilene, and little Eden came to join us. We're so glad they came to our ward!
We all had a great time!

The McFoodbury Family Photo
Now for the ETC... Pomegranate season is here! I am so happy about it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We finally got a chance to visit the Grandpa Woodbury's cabin in Kolob last weekend. I love everything about our trips up there.

The drive...
Crisp breeze at sunset
The eye of the needle. Josh has pointed that out to me every time we drive up to kolob and I can never find it! This was the 1st time I was ever able to pick it out.

The recreational activities...
The men brought home the bacon, I mean, fish- for us to eat with our alfredo chicken pizza Saturday night. It was weird--- I usually don't get grossed out by fish, but when they brought these bad-boys in I had an overwhelming "grossed out" sensation come over me. Hmmm... Is there a baby in my belly that's causing the change?

Cute Sophie
We were so glad that Justin and Ashley could join us so that we could destroy them in the bean bag toss :) Just kidding- they trounced us big time. We didn't stand a chance.
Katie and Abby just chillin while the grown-ups play
 And I just love the feeling of being able to let go and relax!
Last but not least, our daughter already has such a love for the scriptures! Hear is Abby
"Feasting upon the words of Christ."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I knew this day would come

Abby's mobile! Kinda... She scoots. really fast. One day she was this little content thing that would just sit and play with her shoes, and the next she was off! She grabs at anything in sight and tastes it, and is off to the next thing. I didn't know that this day would come without warning!

She also has 2 little teeth that ironically came the same day I had Abby on my lap on a plane. She did pretty good on the plane, but that night was rough. We were up every half hour for the short 4 hours I tried to sleep. She grew up a ton overnight and she has more personality and is somehow more fun :)

It's hard to get a good view of her little teeth, but here's an attempt!

Also, I've been told that it's really hard to leave a comment on my blog, but I think I fixed it!
 Let me know if it still doesn't work- thanks :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My family got to spend a week in the charming town of Pine Hurst, North Caolina. My dad did some awesome video production work there, so we got to enjoy the trade-benefits of a nice condo on the golf course.

Uncle Chase n Abigail

Abby loves to bounce!
 You think your days of playing Marco Polo end when you reach the age of 11, but they don't.
 It's still fun at 24 :)

This is downtown Charleston. We took a road trip over there and we lucked out with the weather!It poured all the way there and when we pulled in--- it stopped. It was a lot cooler than the high 90's we were used to.

Abby was SOO excited to get out of the car after the 4 hour drive. Her little legs
 were wigglin' and her eyes were loving all the sights.

This restaurant was A-MAZING.

We got to take a carriage tour and it was really interesting to hear about the history about the city of Charleston- it goes back to the 1600's! All the houses are built tall like this close to the coast.

We encountered some flight trouble and had to stay the night in Atlanta unexpectedly, but in the words of my wise brother Blake,"Well... You win some, and you lose some." Abby was sooo incredibly fun to have along for the ride.
We sure missed Josh (and my brother Blake)... Thanks mom and dad for treating us to our fun summer vacation!