Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Bless you!"

"Bless you" and your family this Christmas season! We just delivered the majority of our neighbor gifts. (they're Kleenex boxes). We enjoy the tradition each year even though it can get a little time-consuming. I thought the tissues were a cute idea. I figure pretty much every family will use them these coming months.

One of Josh's high school friends had their annual "Eggnogger" party. We played the white elephant game and some how Josh and I ended up with all the sexy gag-gifts brought to the party: we got some warming lube, dice, some huge panties, and sexpanther cologne... kinda funny. ;)

We went ice-skating last night and it was so fun! Skating is one of my favorite things to do, and it's so cool now that they do it outside. They'll be doing it til the end of January at the Sunbowl. Go have a blast before it's gone!

I couldn't quite reach down there to tie the laces. Yeah, that's when you know you're 8 months along!

My parents are having us sell this awesome beemer. (They figured St. George would be easier to find a buyer since it's not exactly made for the snow). Luxury cars are going for way under bluebook, so if you know of anyone that wants a steal on an awesome car, have em call me! It's an '04 with all the upgrades and only 64,000 miles. $14,900 is the asking price, and it bluebooks at around $17,000. Great condition, and fun to drive!

8 months!

My baby shower was so fun. Thank you to all the friends and family that supported us. I always feel a little overwhelmed at these. You people are too nice! The food was quite gourmet, the ABC decor was absolutely adorable, and the gifts were all so helpful and CUTE! We are feeling pretty ready for her to come! My aching back is feeling very ready as well. We just hope to make it up to Salt Lake for Christmas, and then if we come home with a baby, we'd love it! Chances are though I've got at least another 4 or 5 weeks.