Friday, October 29, 2010

2 loves

I have a new-found love... We decided to try Intajuice with our DixieDirect card last week. I could eat a smoothie everyday, but Josh on the other hand, would rather not. Ever. I was glad when we finally went there together, Josh found this favorite treat from Hawaii... Acai Bowls! 
You have to ask for them to drizzle some honey on it, but it is AMAZING! (and healthy, loaded with antioxidants... they don't load up on the sugar like jamba etc does).  If you ever want a tasty treat, this is sure to please even smoothie-haters.

Love #2: St. George Farmers Market on Ancestor Square. A guy in my ward was telling me they make this really unique jewelry out of old machinery (he is like Mr. popular there). They have way fresh produce for cheap, it's unreal. Crunchy, golden delicious apples for 50 cents a lb, huge squash and weird-looking cucumbers. All delicious. It's kinda fun to see all they have and get out there on a Saturday morning. (fyi, you can go from 8-12) I think tomorrow is their last day til the spring though. 'Til next year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my happy pillow

No, it's not a pregnancy body pillow... But I picked up the base at a garage sale for a buck, and then made the flower to go on it from some scrap fabric and a favorite earing that lost its mate. Every time I pass by our guest bedroom, it makes me smile. I just like it! I may just have to start a collection...

Oh, and here's the 6 month belly shot!