Monday, September 20, 2010

the baby belly/random stuff

3 months...                4 months...
5 months...
We visited Kolob in August and I LOVED it! 
I had been craving some fresh, crisp air and I got it.
It was cold enough to make a fire. We made salsa, fished at the reservior, ate yummy tinfoil dinners and read these books... 

This is a Josh-alope. We had a dozen or so of these grow in our garden. They are a freak of nature, and most of them taste and look just like really yummy cantalope inside.
 We love homemade pizza! We doubled with Valerie and Ryan... Sorry no photo of them, but... Anyway, their pizza turned out like a giant blob that literally took over an hour and a half to become edible-ish. Lesson learned... If you're using rhodes roll dough, the crust should be much thinner than you would think.

We loved kolob so much that we went up again and took the Williams fam with us. Highlights- bikeride to lookout point, getting stuck in mud up to my knees on our morning walk that turned into an accidental adventure, sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever, intense bean bag competition, dense french toast that turned out amazing from the homemade bread that wouldn't rise, yoga on the balcony, beautiful drive down to church... I think that's about it!